Morning (nope!) Afternoon Meanderings… Lets Talk About What You Are Reading


I feel….

wiped out.


A long weekend with the bike ride, a long week with the funeral prior to that, a long two weeks of my friend Connie in the hospital before that…. and yesterday a full morning of Wine and Words prep meeting and our last Author of the summer.

Exhausted comes to mind.  Emotionally and physically.

A few people have inquired about the meme that I have ran since early 2010, Where Are You Reading.  Yes, it is coming back.  I hope this Sunday.  Through everything of this year I hardly remember what day it is.  My final really big event for the year is Wine and Words and I am hopeful that life will level out at that time. Currently I feel “spikey”…. I can function for events and for people, but then I hit a grief wall when I have down time.  I can make myself be “ON” if I need to be… but I pay for it.

I only have a couple more weeks of needing to be ON.

The bike ride, was fun.  A fair turn out and I think we brought in some new riders.  I will talk about this more for Saturday Snapshot. In the meantime… here is a little sample:



I am listening to audio and hope to pick up a book soon.  A few good ones have come my way I want to start 🙂


9 thoughts on “Morning (nope!) Afternoon Meanderings… Lets Talk About What You Are Reading

  1. It looks like you had a great race! I can’t wait to see more from it and Wine And Words.

    I know what you mean about having to be “on”. It is truly draining.

  2. The bike ride looks like it was fun. Hope it was a rush. Maybe this week will be easier … hope so. take care.

  3. Sheila, Though keeping busy and spending time with friends is an enormous help, you are still in the early stages of loss and you need to take time to grieve. Sending big hugs.

  4. Sheila, I hope you get some good rest. Being with others is good, but can be stressful too. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  5. Sheila, whenever I hear about all the things you’re doing, I see that some are just “life” that just happens, then wonder about the other things that are more choice-based. I always wonder if it’s good or bad for you, and it’s always mixed feelings, but although it drains you, I always lean toward the “good to be occupied” side. I just wish they weren’t so taxing for you. I’m happy to hear you will have some breathing time soon oxox

  6. I’m currently reading ‘Never Have I Ever: My Life (so far) Without a Date’ by Katie Heaney.
    – Krys

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