Morning Meanderings… I REALLY Do Love To Review Books




I was up at 5 am…. woke up and got up.  That’s the way it works these days.  But I could feel I was still tired.  I messed around an my laptop until 6:15 am and went back to bed.  Up at 8:10 am.

This morning as I am doing the routine of wiping down counters, picking up around the house, and thinking about my day; I reach for the latest book I am reading which is in the bed with my big plans to read last night and instead I fell asleep curled up with the book next to me like a teddy bear….

it hit me.

I really do enjoy reviewing books.

Before you all say “Duh, Sheila.  We know.”  ok, maybe not before you say that, but after you say that, it is really true and perhaps even more so than the average reviewer.

For me books form a young age have been an escape from the reality of this world.  Not is a spooky way where I don’t belong of this thing called Earth and I am unaware of reality thinking I live in Narnia or better yet that I attend Hogwarts.  Most days, ok all days I wish there was such a thing as a time turner.

Any hoo….

This crazy little world of Book Journey that started in June of 2009 has become such a great place for me to not only share books and audio, but also to share me.  I can’t even say how possibly therapeutic that has been at times, especially as of late.  I will celebrate my blogiversary which is usually June 9th probably in September.  I like the sound of a 6 1/4 Blogiverary.

This year has been nothing as I had hoped for.  I can easily say it is absolutely the worst time of my life.  Yet…  my son lived in a way that is inspiring to many.  He Looked at each day as an opportunity to have the best time… and he did.  He accepted everyone with no discrimination, he loved unconditionally, he had words – words words…. all over his walls on signs and on his frig.  Words that are now in this house here as surreal as that is.  I love that he loved words…. I love words.

Ok… I am rabbit trailing so I am off to mow the lawn, be in the sun… and try to live a little more each day…. always missing him.

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… I REALLY Do Love To Review Books

  1. I do love reading and reviewing, too. Before blogging, I loved to read, but there is something extra—the connection to other readers, I guess—when we review the books on our blog(s). I cannot even imagine not blogging and not connecting.

    I am glad that blogging offers you that place to share your books…and yourself. I know that I started coming here every day because I loved having that extra cup of coffee and chatting. Thanks!

    Keep enjoying the words!

  2. I love reading, blogging about books. My reviews have evolved in the years I’ve blogged – going from short to long and now somewhere in the middle. Every once in a while I ponder not accepting review books anymore but it’s just so hard to say no when I really really want to read that book!
    A time turner would be great…

  3. A time turner would be wonderful.

    What a terrific post, Sheila. So glad you will have a 6 1/4 year blog anniversary.

    Unique idea, but that is how you are unique, creative, and amazing.

    I do enjoy reviewing books too. I hope I can continue for many more years. I love meeting other bloggers more than anything, though.



  4. I think it’s great that you love to review books. For me, it’s more like “homework” but I do it because I won’t remember the book unless I do! But I have to admit I’m getting pretty tired of “homework” LOL

    Yes, time machines. maybe a big phone booth. I think time travel books are so popular because it would be so great for so many people that we love to pretend we could, or someone could, or anyone could!

  5. Well I love reading a little more than reviewing, but when I hit a book I really love there is nothing better than having a place to shout that out! I really enjoy your reviews and have found some good reads here.
    All those who live fully are to be valued and remind us we too can do the same.

  6. Know what you mean about living in the world of books. Somehow sometimes it seems as you can experience more deeply. It can also be more rewarding than the actual “real world”. Often have I fallen in love with a place in Italy or Greece and been blown away by the description of its beauty. It can leave out the not so nice bits, like the pollution or the dirt or the masses of tourists. And there are also the places which try as I might, I probably will never have a chance to go there, especially in the US or Far East. I would also like to live in Hogworth for a while or try and grow crops in Alaska. I would love to fight the baddies with my favourite detectives in Scandinavia. Thanks god for books.

  7. I love reviewing books, but not as much as reading them. When I read I get so lost in the pages, I don’t stop to eat or anything else. What I really love about reviewing and posting on my blog is the wonderful world of bloggers, the friends I’ve made in the past two years. I cannot imagine not blogging.

  8. I am so with you on the Time Turner, Sheila (and I’m pretty sure I know what you’d do). But since we can’t really have one, books are the next best thing 🙂

  9. I still think about the fact you got to see him and share the movie premiere with him just before the accident. I hope that’s a nice memory to have.

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