Morning Meanderings… Book Friends Make Me Smile


Busy whirlwind weekend… lots of business and while it was good things, I am glad to be in the week and keeping it a little less busy.  I didn’t pick up a book all weekend.  A little audio time as I was in the car – especially yesterday from Brainerd to St. Cloud and back to Brainerd and then to Pine River.

Over a weekend a nice gift came my way.  I received a package from Amazon and tried to think if I had ordered anything… nothing I could recall.  When I opened the box it was a book wrapped in a pretty blue paper and when I opened it, it instantly brought tears to my eyes.

book journey


Thank you Patty for the beautiful journal for me to write in.  It is perfect.  I just keep touching it and you can bet I will be putting lots of thoughts in it.

Today we have an author at the library, Lin Enger author of The High Divide.  I am kind of excited about this one and interested in hearing about his book.  Hoping this afternoon will include quiet time on the deck with a book.  I feel like I am sparking a bit more, but prefer to stay as close to home as possible.  Hoping maybe this week I can get out and ride my bike too – something I have not done yet this year.



17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Book Friends Make Me Smile

  1. A wonderful, thoughtful gift! The journal is a perfect place for you to express yourself freely and just be as you are at that moment in time. Hugs to you.

  2. Glad you had a nice weekend. And what a thoughtful gift! I enjoyed Enger’s Peace Like a River but haven’t read his more recent books – it would be wonderful to hear him speak! Hope you can enjoy your bike this week. Thinking of you.


  3. Ok…now I am crying! I love all of my blogger “buddies”…you are all too sweet!

    Sheila…I love that you love it…and I am so sorry for the reason…take care!

  4. What a beautiful gift! And so thoughtful, too!
    I smiled as I read your post. You are moving forward, step by step. Hugs, my dear friend.

  5. I’m sure that as time goes on, there will be days when memories will be sparked–ones of little, precious moments that rarely come to mind, and they’ll become a part of your Justin Journal. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift, one that will be filled with beautiful thoughts whether happy or sad, (((Sheila))).

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