Morning Meanderings… Another Friday – Planting… Books… Weekend Happenings


Friday morning.

I woke up and looked at the clock… not quite 6:00 am.


But I am up… and awake… so moving on.  Laying in bed after I am awake does nothing good for me.

This morning I am going to work on a little out-door project, still trying to find the best place to put Justin’s bench and think I have a plan.

Book JOurney, Justin DeChantal, Sheila DeChantal

I found some perennials on sale last weekend and today I plan to dig out this section of lawn and lay down dirt and plant these lovelies around the bench.  I will do that sooner rather than later trying to avoid the high temps of the sun.  I am looking forward to seeing the final look of this.

While doing this I will finish up listening to Down The Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison (yeah – pleasantly surprised on this one!)  and afterwards finishing up Whisper Beach which I tried to complete last night but was just too tired to finish.  I have a coffee date early afternoon and maybe if Al gets home at a decent time we can go to a movie tonight.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party for a friend, and Sunday I have a morning road trip to St Cloud and then an afternoon birthday party for a child.

It sometimes amazes me how the world doesn’t stop and I have to find a way to hop back on the merry-go-round of life.  I do what I can and try to make appearances but at the same time know that when I am done I need to be done and I make no excuses for that.

Going into the weekend, what books/audio are accompanying you?

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Another Friday – Planting… Books… Weekend Happenings

  1. What a beautiful surrounding for Justin’s bench. One day, when you are ready, it will be a peaceful retreat for you and your lovely memories.

  2. This is what’s wonderful about summer – sloooowwwwwwww it down a little. Plant some perennials, sit on a quiet bench and contemplate the green and the birds and the joy of living. Peace and smiles to you!

    1. I am so glad it is the season it is. Winter would be really hard on me right now and I am still concerned what it will be like this year… I need to have some sort of plan because I am seriously afraid it will lead to a worse depression being in the house all the time.

      1. I understand. When we moved to NE last fall (from CA) I immediately signed up for yoga and dance classes – helped me ‘see the light,’ as they say, all winter long.

  3. Doing just what you can, with no excuses…that is a good mantra. The bench will be lovely there.

    I am reading an e-book from NetGalley that I’m loving: The New Neighbor, by Leah Stewart.

  4. I guess each day for you will be different…not knowing how you will handle it…but you seem to know how much you can handle each day…and though it doesn’t seem easier…you have the right to withdraw…no apologies…

    I am like that…I need my bed and my kitties…and time to think…the garden area you have planned will help…

    Take care!

  5. That will make a lovely area for sitting, reflecting, and enjoying the outdoors. I find gardening therapeutic—perhaps because it gives me something to focus on, plus I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I’ve created a new space. I hope it works that way for you too! 🙂

    1. The bench and where you chose to put it look lovely.

      I just finished A NECESSARY END by Holly Brown. It was a good psychological thriller.

      I have read quite a few books this past month that I really enjoyed.

      I read EIGHT HUNDRED GRAPES, too, Mary.

      ENJOY your weekend, Sheila. HUGS.

  6. The bench is lovely (I saw your photos on facebook) and a beautiful way to honor Justin. You seem a bit more upbeat, maybe working on his bench has been therapeutic. Do what you can, and then retreat when you have to. Hugs.

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