Morning Meanderings… Minnesota Authors


Monday.  As I lay in bed this morning thinking through my day it suddenly came to me that it was Monday and Monday’s in June and July are Brown Bag Author events at the Brainerd Public Library.  Something I am a part of.

… and I almost forgot.

There is not a lot to be done for the Brown Bag Author prep however it does need to be done and I am pretty sure I am signed up to do it today.  Basically it is show up at about 10:30 and set up the room by putting out the podium, chairs, a signing table for the author, a place for the books, bottled water, make coffee, put out a treat of cookies or bars, and set up the table of Friends Of The Brainerd Public library stuff.  Around 11:30 our author who is speaking will show up and they will be shown where they will be speaking, signing, etc…  at noon we begin.

These author events are called Brown Bag Authors because people are welcome to bring their lunch with them.  The authors are paid for by my group, The Friends of the Brainerd Public Library so this is a free event to the public.

Lakeshore living, book journey, Paula Radomski

Today’s author is Paul Radomski and his book is Lakeshore Living, a topic that should be of interest to those of us in the Brainerd Lakes area who enjoy cabins on the lake.  I was reading up on his book this morning and thought it sounded interesting.  Here is what it is about:

The authors present an approach to lakeshore living that addresses the need to create rich, sustainable places and communities on the water, where both the loon and the family find a place, and where the cabin can be handed down with integrity to the grandchildren. Fragile shorelands require care, and that caring comes from knowledge, experience, and an environmental ethic. Radomski and Van Assche argue that an environmentally sensitive lakeshore place and community design is the way forward. While many factors affect the quality of lakes and lakeshore living, property owners and local communities do not have to wait until policies are perfect: the design approach advocated here can be applied in any place people living lakeside can get together and collaborate. The approach presented here is proactive and context sensitive: new designs have to fit the existing ecological, cultural, and policy landscapes. Development is always re-development in this sense. The authors introduce the reader step-by-step to this approach and carefully discuss leverage points that can be helpful in implementation and system change.


Best to laugh, lorna landvik, book journey

Last week our author was Lorna Landvik and I enjoyed listening to her.  Lorna is a fun author and is also the Emcee of Wine and Words for the third year in a row.  She also has become a friend through out the years.  I have her latest book, Last To Laugh but still need to read it.


As for the big stuff going on in my life… I seriously wake up every day and think, It just can’t be.  I still struggle wrapping my head around this new world.

Day 72.

26 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Minnesota Authors

  1. What a great program! Are all the author slots filled? If not, I will be vacationing and visiting family in the area the last week in July, and would be available July 27th.

    Hope you enjoy today’s program.

  2. The sad thing is…that this is so heartbreaking…I can only equate it to my mom dying and then right after her…months really…my dad dying…but they were elderly…losing a beloved son…it’s as though the order of things went wrong…I am just so sad for you.

  3. This sounds like a fun event. Both authors are new to me so I;ll be checking out their books.

    When I was growing up my parents bought a cabin on a lake and for a few years we’d go there on weekends and a month in the summer. Then they decided to build onto it and live there full time. I loved living there, being able to swim, canoe, and fish right outside our door. And in the winter we could ice skate. I loved living there.

  4. What a great event and group you are a part of. I hope your day goes well, and the room if full of “brown baggers”. One day at a time, seems the best right now.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful program – I always enjoy hearing authors talk. Our library does a similar brown bag monthly event, only it’s a book discussion. I went last week to talk about Orphan Train (which I loved!)

    Sorry it’s not getting much easier yet. Thinking of you all the time, Sheila.


    2015 Big Book Summer Challenge

  6. Our neighborhood library has had some author events…nothing lately. I participated in one with one of my books a while ago.

    I have enjoyed several books by Lorna Landvik.

    Thanks for sharing…and it is good that you are getting out there, even though life feels impossible right now.

  7. The phrase that hits me right in the face is Day 72. It is so impossible for me to understand the terrible pain you are feeling on the loss of your beloved son, a loss no mother should have to suffer through. My heart aches for you, my heart prays for you.

    1. It hits me in the face too. 72 days without hearing that tone I had set for when he called me (the Harry Potter theme song). 72 days without hearing him say “Mom,” all excited to tell me something about his day. 72 days of no texting him to say I love you…. just because. 72 days of not planning the trip we planned to take this November. 72 days of a heart so incredibly broken I can not even believe I can breath in and out.

  8. I haven’t read all of Lorna Landvik’s books, but I’ve really loved some of the ones I did read. I’l be interested to see what you think of this one!

  9. Sheila, staying involved in things you love, such as this, help to get through, I understand. 10 years, 7 months, and 28 days later, I still think it can’t be. Not hearing Greg’s “Hey, Mum” sucks. Enjoy your busy, happy moments. They will help get you through the other times. Hugs and love, my dear friend.

      1. I get that, actually, Sheila, and I hope that eventually your rational side will create the balance you need. In time I do think it will. What I think it’s probably attached to is that feeling of not wanting to enjoy life because he no longer can (and as you know, I believe that is only a “pause” for him), along the lines (though not the same as) survivor’s guilt 😦 It’s all so complex emotionally and runs so deep. I’m sure I’d be feeling the same way. Saying another little prayer for (((you)))…

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