Up At Butternut Lake by Mary McNear

Up At Butternut Lake, Minnesota, Mary McNear, Book Journey

It is amazing what the right timing can do when reading a book… Up At Butternut Lake has been on my shelf since last fall, now in this season of my life I not only read it but devoured the two follow-up books in this trilogy as well.  Yes – bonus – all three books are available AND I will be reviewing them over the next three days.  ~ Sheila

When Allie Beckett’s husband left for Afghanistan, Allie had no idea that would be the last time that she and her three your old son Wyatt would see him.  Now after two painful years Allie moves with Wyatt back to a family cabin located on Butternut Lake in Minnesota.  What Allie is hoping for is a quiet slower pace than the city life she is used to and hopefully a fresh start for her and Wyatt.

The Beckett’s are warmly welcomed by Jax, Allies high school friend, and by Caroline the owner of the local diner, Pearl’s.  There are also new faces, like Walker Ford who lives in a large cabin across the lake from Allie’s.  Walker pretty much keeps to himself until he takes an interest in the young pretty woman with a sadness in her eyes and her little boy.  Allie however is not likely to get to know Walker in the ways he would like to know her.  Still carrying the loss of her husband and his memory on her finger, she is not looking for anything more than peace and healing.

Yet there is something about Butternut Lake and all of its tranquility that seems to soften ones heart and open you up to possibilities never thought possible.

Up At Butternut Lake was a perfect read for my mood.  It was a gentle story set in my home state which helped me to picture the sweet solitude of a cabin on a lake.  Going through my own loss at this time, I could relate to Allie’s story of trying to find a new normal and all the while not wanting to let go of what was.  For a time, in these pages, she and I were kindred spirits.

I enjoyed this book immensely.  The writing style felt a little like the comfortable writing of Nicholas Sparks.  Smoothly written, no big surprises, and an engaging read that left me picking up the second book in this trilogy as soon as I closed the last page.  This is exactly what the type of book I look for when I am looking for good summer reading.  I know that not everyone can find their way to Minnesota to a cabin on the lake, however opening up this book can be the next best thing.

  • Series: The Butternut Lake Trilogy (Book 1)
  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks; First Edition edition (April 8, 2014)


21 thoughts on “Up At Butternut Lake by Mary McNear

  1. I loved this one, just liked the second, and haven’t read the third yet. Glad they were perfect for you. I have them on my Top Ten Tuesday of great beach reads.

  2. I read this too recently and enjoyed it. Although I didn’t head straight into the next one! Always good to get something that suits your need.

  3. We spent a week with our daughters in a cabin at Ludlow’s on Lake Vermillion many, many years ago and I fell in love with Minnesota and all its beauty. Oh, those loons!! I’ve often thought it would be a great place to return to, but there are too many memories that would make it difficult, even after all these years. However, this book sounds like a great read. You wrote, “Going through my own loss at this time, I could relate to Allie’s story of trying to find a new normal and all the while not wanting to let go of what was. For a time, in these pages, she and I were kindred spirits.” I remember reading several books that touched on grief while I was deep in the midst of it and how good it felt to have my feelings validated. Even after 10 years (today), it still helps to read a passage that expresses my current feelings. Glad you found this gem! Thanks for the review.

    1. HI Les, I am glad you could relate to what I was saying…. it is hard now when writing reviews now to put in how they touched me at this time. I am glad that you understood what I was saying and can relate. Sorry for your loss.

  4. I’m so glad this book spoke to you and gave you some comfort. I think about you a lot and pray for more good days than bad.

  5. I have been wanting to read this series for awhile. It sounds perfect for summer reading and I’ll be sure to recommend it to my library patrons as well.

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