Morning Meanderings…. Oh WordPress…. Beep Beep Boop To You.


Good morning!  CHILLY here in Minnesota the past few days however rumor has it that the weekend will warm up.  I hope so.  I am ready to be wearing Capri’s and light shirts and not having to dress in layers just in case.

For WordPress users such as myself, this post is kind of for us.  However, Blogger users hang out too as for years I have read posts or tweets on grumbles about Blogger and I thought “I am so glad I chose WordPress!”, now I too have a grumble.

Quite a while back WordPress changed how you created and edited a new post with a shiny new version that has a “beep beep boop” message while it is processing and is very different to use and format.



However, WP gave an option to click a sweet little button that said Classic Mode and my world continued in happy blissful blogging peace.  That is, up until couple days ago when WP decided that it was time to suck it up and convert to the new ways of doing things.  (The WordPress version of “drink the Kool Aid!”

wordpress editior, classic, Book JOurney, beep beep boop

Now I have been looking up ways on line to change it back to the way I like to use it.  I did find a way that you can go through your dashboard to the new posts, or edit from the dashboard to bring up the old way, however if you do this from the main page you will be directed to the new way.

Beep Beep Boop.

wordpress editior, beep beep boop, Book Journey


There are other posts about this and one I read this morning that explains ways around the new editor but really why change what is already working well?  Many WP users are not happy about this messing with what isn’t broke.

If you are a WordPress user and know easier ways to return to classic mode, chat with me.  🙂


This morning I am enjoying a big cup of COFFEE after a fairly restless night.  I have my friends two dogs staying with us while she goes to see her daughter in Korea.  Yes, that means I have 5 (FIVE!) dogs in the house for the next week and then they will go to another friends house to share the duty.  Last night the two newbies to the house were restless, crying, and wondering the house most of the night.  Hopefully tonight they will feel more adjusted. 🙂  They are small so they do not take up much room… just a lot of activity in my home. 😀


22 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Oh WordPress…. Beep Beep Boop To You.

  1. I got to my blog stats page, and on the left there is a link that says WP Admin – click on that and it takes me back to the page i’m used to where you selected pages/posts – add new etc

      1. it is, but I tend to check my stats page fairly frequently – it took me forever to figure out that trick – IDK – sounds like an engineer – if it ain’t broke, its obviously, still not working right and needs to be fixed

  2. I despise the new editor. It is slow, stupid, and juvenile…. and I’m being kind here. To bypass it completely I have a link folder on my bookmarks bar that goes directly to the function I want to use: dashboard, add post, old style notifications, old style stats, widgets.) I didn’t realize they messed with it again. My direct links are still working this morning. I’ll take a closer look at it later – I have to go out this morning.

    And yes, everyone DO COMPLAIN, LOUDLY. This entire shift appears to be aimed at standardizing the platform for mobile web. Well, I work at home from a computer with a large screen and I don’t appreciate the change one bit. I would like the option to do it both ways. What happened to “the customer is always correct”? It’s not like this is a free service; many of us pay for features. Grumble.

      1. The only thing this new editor is good for is quick, on-the-fly postings; certainly not for “writers”.

        As long as they leave the old editor out there in the dustbin where I can still access it through my direct links, I’ll stick around. They get rid of it completely and they force me to go self-hosted where I can use plug-ins to customize my interface.

        Well, that’s my two cents! I think you pushed a button. 🙂

  3. I adjusted to the new editor – but the movement of having everything on the right now moved to the left has totally thrown me visually! Just when I had gotten used to the new format, too!!

  4. Beep beep boop?! Sheila, your post made me think about “improvements” that Blogger has made at times, that really weren’t. It’s frustrating. Yep, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    I hope your doggie houseguests settle down soon. 🙂

  5. I absolutely HATE the beep beep boop system…and it feels like someone is trying to appeal to adolescents, kind of like their constant “Howdy” that was a little cute. But this is not.

    There is nothing “improved” about this system, and I was fine as long as we had the choice of the classic mode, but that is now gone.

    I click on WP Admin., then scroll down to posts, where you can see them all to edit, and there is one for adding a new page. It makes the process clumsy, when it doesn’t need to be.

    WP also doesn’t have a very good method for expressing our thoughts…but there are some boards, which I visited, and some of the commenters have ideas about circumventing the process.

    Here’s one:

  6. I’m going to check out the link Laurel just left above. As of this morning I’ve always gone through my dashboard to write a post so I haven’t noticed any change. That said, it would be more convenient (few clicks) to have a choice on the homepage.

  7. You can still use the classic view but you have to navigate different now.

    When you login in, up at the top on the left, click on WP Admin first, then Posts > Add New and you will get the old view.

  8. I like classic, too, Sheila, and was getting frustrated by it, but what I did was what I do with any sites/blogs I frequent…they are in my bookmark bar. I have a folder for “My Blogs” and have the direct links to the blogs themselves along with separate links to the Dashboard. I never access them any other way and it’s always in classic mode for me 🙂

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