Insurgent: The Movie

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Now that the factions are scrambling for safety and the world is literally in chaos, Tris and Four are trying to stay safe all the while knowing that the only way anyone will have hope of feeling safe is once Jeanine is dead.  In this world, you never know who you can trust.


A friend and I went to Insurgent this week.  I had read the book, as well as Divergent (the first book) and had been impressed with what they had done in the first movie.  Shailene Woodley (who also starred in Fault In Our Stars) makes an excellent Tris and I love the diversity in the roles that she plays.  Theo James as Four is a new actor to me although I see he was also in Underworld and an episode of Downton Abby so I must have seen him.  Theo is also perfect for the role that he plays in the movies.

I really enjoyed this second installment of the Divergent Series.  I have yet to read the third book due to grumblings I heard when it came out about how they should have just ended it at two books.  I have a year before the next movie will come out (Allegiant) which I see will be broke into two parts (the new trend to S T R E T CH out our movie addictions I guess.  I will read the final book before then.

I enjoyed the movie, I can not recall the book well enough to do a comparison, but I love the action and the story line. Kate Winslet gets kudos from me for playing the evil mastermind rule keeper of all (she is the equivalent of President Snow from Hunger Games).

Overall:  AWESOME SAUCE.  If you like YA Dystopia even if you have not red the books, see these movies.  They are kickin.


12 thoughts on “Insurgent: The Movie

  1. I think if you’ve seen Downton Abbey, you’d remember the part that Theo James played. It was early on and Lady Mary had a “awkward” situation with Mr. Pamuk. She ended up sharing the “burden” with her mother and Anna. Now, that’s the best I can do with spoilers. Remember the situation I mean? LOL

  2. Sounds great! We all enjoyed the books so will have to see the movie, though we will probably wait until it’s on DVD.

    I liked book 3, Allegiant, the BEST!! To me, it was better than books 1 and 2 because the reader (and Tris) finally got some answers and found out how this strange, divided world came to be.

    I can’t believe they’re making it into 2 movies though! That is so annoying when they take a relatively short book (same with Mockingjay) and turn it into two movies – it’s just so obviously a ploy to make more money off the series.. Of course, I will probably see them both!

    Thanks for the movie review –


    Book By Book

  3. After The Hunger Games and being disappointed with the last book, I decided to stop at book 1 with Divergent. I just didn’t want to be disappointed again but I’ll see the movies for sure.

  4. I really liked the movie too. I actually liked it better than the book because they cut out all of Tris’s moping around that got tiresome in the book.

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