Morning Meandering… Recap of A 7K


Last weekend I was a part of the largest run that Minnesota hosts every year, the Get Lucky.  The Get Lucky run is a ST Patrick’s Day Run and it is a 7 K Run or a 7 7 7 Run (21 K).  This is my third year being a part of this run.

For Saturday Snapshot this morning I thought I would give you a little recap of the run.

Book Journey, Sheila DeChantal
Waiting for the 7K to start


I ran the 7k with 11,000 other people in Minneapolis.  In St Paul, another 20,000 were running the Triple 7k.  CRAZY stuff.

Book Journey, Sheila DeChantal, Get Lucky Run
It was a beautiful day in the 40’s


Get Lucky Run, Sheila DeChantal, Book JOurney

The run has entertainment along the way.  These girls were dancing Irish style at the start of the run…


Sheila DeChantal, Book JOurney, Get Lucky
More entertainment

These little boys were about half way through the run.  There were also a couple of Irish bands along the way that played music for us as we went by.



There were signs along the way that marked what “K” we were at to torture us let us know how far we had gone.


Book JOurney, Get Lucky, Sheila DeChantal
Ahhh… the hilly bridge

The route is the same every year and towards the end of the run we go over a bridge that is always an uphill battle.  Literally.



Sweet victory was mine!


Get Lucky, Sheila DeChantal, Book JOurney
Tiki Run is my next ortho run


At the end of the run they had up signs for other runs they will be having in Minnesota this year.  I am signed up for the Tiki run next that will be a night run in St Paul.  SWEET!


Get Lucky, Ortho run, Sheila DeChantal, Book JOurney

One of the things I really enjoy about the Ortho Runs is the swag you get for doing them.  Ortho does not give out yet another event t-shirt.  They usually have cool hoodies or running gear.


SO that was the run.  Today is a literary day.  After a walk with a friend this morning, this afternoon I am attending a writing class and after that a book release party.  I am looking forward to a good day!



34 thoughts on “Morning Meandering… Recap of A 7K

  1. That looks like it was fun. I bet the music was welcome as you went along. So, the Tiki run, lit by Tiki torches?

    Have a good weekend, Sheila!

  2. Great shots…and what a great feeling you must have. Running was something I did on a very small scale, back in the day, but my lungs were always bursting….and then I was diagnosed with asthma…LOL. As an adult. But living in this Central Valley is very bad for lungs…..enjoy the good feeling!

  3. Your running enthusiasm is inspiring & so much green!! Great pics.

    Have you ever read Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running? It could be something you get a lot out of?

  4. What fun! We have the Shamrock Run here in Portland and it is a HUGE event! But it is always a great time.

  5. Great run. Amazing how St Pats day is big in so many parts of the world. I went to a fair at my old school on the 17th and won a $250 gardening voucher. Nice!

  6. How wonderful you were able to run and take photos for us! Those Irish dancing girls at the start look so cold- poor things. I’m no runner either, but like to do events like this when you can walk.

  7. Wow, Sheila, I’m always so impressed by the obvious good health you enjoy—all the stamina! The promotional stuff (I won’t use the “SWAG” term anymore) is great! Thanks for sharing the pics 😀

  8. looks like fun! (any recs for a half-marathon in your neck of the woods) – i’m looking to travel and race next year a bit

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