Morning Meanderings… Connecting In My Non Fiction World


Good morning. Tuesday is here and I am all about my day already.  COFFEE CUP is in hand and I have my to do list fully loaded to start checking off whatever I can get done before this afternoons hair cut and then a Library Board Meeting with the Policy Committee to update Emergency Plans.  Good stuff.  Good stuff.

Last week I was noticing how one of our fairly new local businesses had a very minimal website.  Their About Us page was blank, and in their case, that is probably the most important page.  I mentioned it to a lady I was working with and she asked me if I had a business card and she would give it to them if they wanted someone to build content into their website.


(in other words… silence)

I have played with the idea of a business card for my Freelance work the past few months yet every time I start one I do not like the style, and if it bores me… well, I am not going to do it. Now, recently sparked with energy about this possibility of website content writing for a business I know intrigued me.  Let’s just say I got to work.

I spent the start of the weekend creating the business card which is now complete and will soon be in my hands.  I almost can not wait to start handing them out.  It’s kind of like putting on my big girl pants and saying out loud, “Yeah.  I am doing this.”

Sheila DeChantal, Freelancer, Minnesota
Front side
Sheila DeChantal, Freelancer, Minnesota
Back Side


I am kind of excited about it.

Of course for those of you who really know me… I didn’t stop there.  I started building my own website… which, just so you know… feels weird. Promoting “me” is not a natural step for me and I am still tweaking the site even though it took up most of my weekend spare time and I am still working on it.

Yesterday, I went to work on my LinkedIn profile, updating, connecting with others… my goodness this connecting thing is a lot of work, however I do get that if you want to get the word out, you have to be KNOWN.


Connecting… connecting… connecting.

I think I am going to like this new world.




36 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Connecting In My Non Fiction World

  1. if I do to a business website and see nothing – I’m pretty much automatically going to not use their service – my thoughts are, if you can’t keep a website updated (and with hosts like wordpress) its fairly easy, then can I trust you to help me with my needs

    1. I agree, websites are important – what you are about, what you offer, location and contact info is so important. I dont know how many sites I have looked at and found their contact information hard to find.

    1. Thank you. SO far I am really enjoying it and have picked up some great clients. My biggest concern is balance now, I still want to have my weekends off and not have to worry about looming projects 😛

  2. I LOVE your new business cards! I still have to get some. I need to get going on getting my name out there. You really inspire me to Get Stuff Done – you accomplish SO much each day! I spend too much time researching opportunities and daydreaming in lala land sometimes.

  3. Looks good. I dream of going freelance but think the self-promotion is the bit that scares me off. It’s hard to blow your own trumpet I think. You’re braver than I am. Good luck! Emma

      1. It really can be uncomfortable, especially when you’re not a big attention seeker. It’s a struggle for a lot of us, but in the internet age, it’s expected. Look at it this way—your site is a lot cheaper than having to constantly advertise in a newspaper or magazine, all of it being promotional. If you don’t promote what you do, no one will know you do it! lol Compare it to this blog with books, only on the site is your services instead of books, and of course, point them over here to see what you’ve accomplished! 😀

        1. You are right Donna… I have a couple more things to do on the website – I am not liking the front page at all so that has to be figured out but hopefully in the next week I can get this up and going 😉

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