Morning Meanderings… And Now For Something Completely Different. Not.


Tuesday and this week is already off and running.  I spent most of yesterday at the library in meetings and setting up the new window display.  The sun was shining, it was warm out, and it was time to take down the display of red background paper that looked a little “Christmasy”.

And then this morning I woke up to this:


Yes winter is back in Central Minnesota and it is still coming down.  There is a good three inches on the ground now.


To think that the library display window I put up over Christmas had scarves and gloves in it and the weather did not call for scarves and gloves… now the window has spring flowers in it and a springy backdrop and…

it snowed.  😯

I must have some sort of seasonal disorder.


Looking at the upside of this, I am cancelling my 1:00 pm today and instead after a coffee date with a friend I think I will read (yes read!) this afternoon.  All of my time lately has been spent on projects and websites and I just want a day of hot tea and a good book.

Really, is that too much for a girl to ask for?

Enjoy your day!



19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… And Now For Something Completely Different. Not.

  1. Sounds like a perfect plan for a snowy afternoon.

    You must have gotten the snow storm we had on Saturday. It was non-stop all day.

    We are to get rain today and the more snow tomorrow. CRAZY!!

    ENJOY your book.

  2. Take some “me” time for sure. I’ll bet everyone appreciates the “Springy” window display. I am sure everyone is tired of cold and winter reminders. After all, next Sunday is “spring forward”. 🙂

  3. Reading is the perfect solution to more snow. I thought we had turned a corner on Sunday after yet another small snow storm. But I’m looking out the library front door right now and it is snowing again, and another small snow storm is expected on Thursday. Will it never end???

  4. Haven’t even gotten up to.look outside as the same blessed stuff is happening here. I cancelled meandering down to the bank today….after all…”tommorrow IS another day”

  5. Sheila, didn’t you say you had an unusually small amount of snow this winter? Then it’s about time, I think! lol Anyway, no, it’s still March so anything can happen. This recent, huge storm is walloping the country. I know where I am we’re expecting a lot of ice that may down trees and power lines (I really hope not!) and then lots of snow on top that. Too bad we couldn’t all travel around on snowmobiles!

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