Morning Meanderings… Feeling Newsworthy


Happy Thursday! Egads, another week flying by.  I am feeling productive but by no means caught up… although I see the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

I don’t know about you, but I do not watch the news.  I know, I know, but honestly I can’t handle all the negativity and sadness.  BLAH.  Theft, shootings, murders, state budget worries… all of it bogs me down.  Yet, like anyone else I want to be in the know when it comes to things I should know or find interesting.

I recently came across this website, Compressive News and I like it.  Hot topics such as technology, our world, and business are all there in little headlines that you can look at and read on if you wish.  I found the topics to be ones that I am actually interested in.  The whole guard bot story?  Creepy but cool.  Apple offering up a new way to store your documents that works like Google Drive but with more storage space called IWorks?  I want to know more about that!

Compressive News is a fairly new site.  I like that is is more about condensing news than overpowering me with information I do not always have time to sift through. I already have too much on my plate. 😉

While nosing around I seen they had a tab that was called Request A Story.  Hmmmm…. click on that…. and yes, you can submit a story you would like covered and they will look into possibly writing about it.  I like that too.

So that is my news worthy (pun intended) take for this morning while I sip my coffee and dread the commitment I made to go to a YOGA class with a friend this afternoon.  Seriously… YOGA?  What was I thinking?  🙂

I leave you with this…

Where do you get your news from?  Online sites?  TV?  Your local newspaper?  What do you like to be kept current on? 

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Feeling Newsworthy

  1. I like the Skimm, but my #1 is the BBC. I simply want the news, not the snark. When we cut our TV subscription I lost CNN and its really nice scroll. We lost the BBC too. And then, there is godd old reliable NPR…..

  2. My husband is a news junky so he keeps me fairly informed. For the most part I avoid it because it’s so negative and angry and politically I don’t trust any of them. If I do watch news it’s from the website of a local channel but that’s mostly for things like local elections or road closing or that kind of thing.

  3. I liked the Daily Show! And I’ll miss John Stewart when he leaves. Although we got rid of cable and/or DirecTV so we haven’t had the comedy channel in a while. I am like everyone else — I want to know what’s going on, but I don’t want the ‘snark’ or the way it depresses me.

  4. I just asked your question on my blog post too, because now I am interested in what people think of the ‘news’. Is it my imagination or is there a book out there about 3 TV newswomen? Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric and Christiane Amanpour? I’m going to investigate. Maybe it’s a good book to read!

  5. Every so often I give the TV news a rest. It is too much information – vivid visual stuff I don’t want to know. At times I don’t turn it on or flick channels just to get the amount I want. It’s amazing how social media can let you know anyway of the basics.

  6. I hate the news. I hate the media, in general, for that matter. All the sensationalism—the hype. I’ll never forget what went on with 911 and that pushed me over the edge with all of it. I’ll watch it, of course, when I need to, but it’s not a habit, and I sometimes get caught up with the scrolling news through my AOL account. Most of it’s depressing. Sometimes there are useful tips!

  7. So how was the yoga class? The first time I took a yoga class, I felt like I’d just had a massage afterward. Unfortunately, that never happened again 🙂

    I generally just skim the NYT headlines (I subscribe, mainly so I can read the “most emailed” stories and the weekend book reviews) and sometimes my daily newspaper. I just scan, though, and usually only click through on a few articles. Easy peasy, which I like!

  8. I haven’t watched television news in years. I get all my news from the internet (I like the Huffington Post & NPR), and I can only take it in very short sittings. *LOL* Usually I just get infuriated and weep for humanity. Not that this reaction is necessarily a bad thing. There’s a great bumper sticker out there that says “If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention.” 🙂

    I am bookmarking Compressed News as we speak. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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