Morning Meanderings… Huh. I Didn’t See That Coming.


Good morning!  Mighty chilly here in central Minnesota today.  Currently we sit at 16 below zero.  I for one am thrilled that I do not have to go out in the cold today… although I am considering a trip to the library.


In this mornings paper I learned that 50 Shades of Grey busted up box office records for the weekend with a whopping $94.4 million opening weekend.  The 4th biggest rated R move opening in history!

I so did not see that coming…

While I have not read the book nor do I plan to, I admit I was curious about how it would do at the box office.  From what my friends have told me about the book, they thought (as did I), it would be pretty hard to put that into a theater.

Yet.. they did.


So color that 50 Shades of “cha-ching”.

I am curious now,

Have you read the book, seen the movie, or both?

How did the movie compare to the book?

If you have not seen the movie do you plan to?

Does the huge success of the movie surprise you at all?


Last night I finished an excellent read, An Appetite for Violets, which I can not wait to rave about.  Today I think I will be able to finish American Sniper on audio and tonight will be perfect for a blanket, hot tea, and a good read.

45 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Huh. I Didn’t See That Coming.

  1. I haven’t read it but I am glad it happened. It boosted romance as a genre (one that I love) and sparked a lot of conversations. I will see the movie when it gets to Netflix or whatever. However, I had lots of friends that saw it (some of them twice) and liked it. What I am hoping is that it proves that women (of adult age aka over 25) are something that can drive a box office. Something Hollywood is not quick to embrace.

  2. I read the books. The first one was okay and the second two were (in my opinion) a train wreck I couldn’t stop watching. I haven’t seen the movie yet and I think I’ll wait until it’s on DVD to rent it from Redbox. I’m curious, but only $1.29 per night curious.

    I’m surprised the movie did so well. My thought on the book was that it owed a lot of its popularity to the Kindle; you can read the book in public and no one knows what you’re reading, it’s still private. But going to a movie is very public. I wonder how good the DVD sales will be!

  3. It’s supposed to get down to 3 here tomorrow night. Don’t laugh, but I don’t think I’ve ever been in weather that cold before. I’m sure it will set a record.

    Didn’t read the book and have no interest in doing so. I won’t see the movie either.

  4. I have read all three books (unfortunately), but have not seen the movie. Due to the sales of the book, the popularity of the movie does not surprise me at all. I may or may not watch the movie when it comes out on video. Honestly though, the writing is horrible and Christian is an abusive jerk. But to each his own, I guess.

  5. I read the books and saw the movie and I must say that I was disappointed with the movie. The script was poorly written and I felt bad for the actors. They also had to leave a lot of stuff out which I am super glad that they did because reading it is one thing while watching it is completely different and I don’t actually want to see some of those things. But the movie was still good and the theater was buzzing through the whole thing.

  6. Didn’t read the book – won’t see the movie. I’ve just head too many times that it’s not actually any good – I think that’s the shame, that the most popular erotic novel in years is, from what I hear, poorly written.

  7. I have not read the book and have not seen the movie. No plans to do either. This is a prime example that sex sells! There are so many good books out there that never make it to a movie, but this one did. There is no accounting for people’s taste.

  8. Ya know Sheila, I haven’t been quiet about how badly written I thought the book was…seriously, there are way better “erotic” works out there. The two parody cookbooks are actually good ( I do have a cooking degree and I collect that genre). But the movie is a lot of hype, focused on the BDSM storyline….yuck! ( and I am not a prude either). It’s not the storyline I choose to watch.

    Early on, what captured me, was the amazing musical wallpaper to this book…and after previewing it, I bought the Classical album. THAT is great. The research James did to elevate the music to a promanent part of the story make the album worth searching out.

    You want a well written book in this genre…read The Story of O. Right now, if I never heard about this movie again…I’d be really happy

  9. I haven’t seen 50 Shades or read the book but I think it’s pretty gross that people are showing up to the midnight showings in their bondage gear. I think I will pass.

  10. i read the first book, very early. The writing is awkward and it doesn’t feel right. The sex was very detailed and a bit rough. Saw the movie, and it was TAME, it did not include much of what he said to her, the rougher or more intimate language. The movie is so much less offensive and it’s a shame but both actors are beautiful, clothed and naked. Naturally it’s R rated so we see R rated sex, or what you can see on HBO most anytime. I’m very live and let live. I was shocked by how much money it made, even if I was aware of how many people planned to see it.

  11. I’m like you – haven’t read the books and haven’t seen the movie, nor do I plan to. I’m shocked it did so well. I had no idea it would be so popular! I thought it would be difficult to translate the books’ subject matter to film, but I guess they did it well.

  12. I refuse to read that book. 🙂 And I definitely will not see the movie. 🙂

    To me it is a sad statement about what people think is a good book and what people think makes a good movie.

    Thanks for your post.

    I want to read An Appetite for Violets. I just finished A Memory Of Violets last week, and it was amazing. Something must be up with good books containing the word “violets.”

    ENJOY today, and stay warm. You are SUPER cold compared to us. We are only 9 degrees.


  13. I read the books …thought they were ok. Will see movie at home for curiosity sake. A friend thought the psychological aspect of the male lead was fascinating but wont see movie because she thought casting was bad. My thoughts are….50 shades, twilight, harry potter…the authors captured an audience waiting for what they wrote . More power to them!!

  14. Yea, 50 shades of Chicken and 50 shades of Bacon. I saw them from another blogger’s adaptation of a chicken recipe.

  15. I find it interesting that most of the comments mention how poor the writing was. Because I said that at my book club meeting last year. YES, it was chosen for one of my book clubs, but you know what? While some liked the book, some did not, we had the greatest time — kind of making fun of it. The girl who picked it made a funky ‘boob’ cake and we laughed and laughed. When I first stated that it was poorly written, the host turned to me and said of course it is–it’s a smut book. Once I got over that, I was able to join in the laughter too. None of us took the book too seriously. I read the one, but wont’ read the others — i have no interest. BUT one of our members manages our little movie theater and if it comes here she has promised us a private showing, which I will go with my book club friends to see, as we had so much fun making fun of the book, I’m sure we will with the movie too. LOL I just can’t take the book(s), movie, or subject SERIOUSLY.

  16. I’ve read the books and liked them. They are definitely not literary masterpieces, but they entertained me and kept me turning the pages. I do plan on seeing the movie, probably later this week with my boyfriend. I’m not surprised about the success of the film – something that’s is risque and Twilight-esque is going to bring out the masses.

  17. I had the first book but DNF’d it. It just wasn’t very interesting. I have no interest in seeing the movie, but yes, I did expect it to do well. I occasionally write articles for an entertainment site, and there was already a lot of excitement building up around the movie back when they were casting it. So I figured it would probably be a hit when it finally came to theatres!

    1. My friend as a joke gave me the first book – she knows how I feel about it and I think it still sits in the spare room…. I will have to check that, I think I am having lunch with her tomorrow and I can return it 😀

  18. I made an attempt at the audio version just to find out what all the fuss was about…. and it was so horrible I couldn’t listen to it. Not just the awful dialog, but simply the worst narration I have ever tried to listen to. And no, I’m not going to see the movie.

  19. I haven’t read the book(s) and probably won’t see the movie. Never say never, though, right 😉
    A friend who read all three books (shocking for this particular friend to read it in the first place but it was for one of her book groups) said there’s an arc connecting the three books and she appreciated that. However, she wasn’t impressed with the writing – so that makes me not want to read it (along with the theme). I make no judgement on people who liked the books, though.

  20. I haven’t read the book yet, though I kind of feel like I should just to see what the fuss is all about.

    No surprise at all that the movie is doing so well – after all, the book series sold more copies than just about anything in history except Harry Potter and the Bible! (ironic, yes) – that’s why book adaptations have become such a hit in Hollywood – they have a built-in audience.

    Ah, I take it back…I looked up the stats – 50 Shades of Grey was actually the #1 best selling paperback book EVER, even beating out Harry Potter. So, that’s a pretty big movie audience! lol

    The movie got pretty poor reviews from critics, but it doesn’t seem to matter with such a huge fan base!


    Book By Book

  21. I read the first book, and although I found it poorly written, I could not stop reading it. The storyline is good. It’s interesting though all the criticism the film is getting. Some people are really in an uproar saying Grey is abusive and the sex is not consensual. I didn’t get that from it when I read it though.
    Happy Monday.

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