Morning Meanderings… Confession, I Am On The Crack


Good morning!  Tuesday is here!  I am checking off that to do list this week and making progress early on in the week already!  YEAH!

SO today’s post is brought to you by…

Trivia Crack.

Have you heard of this?

It is a game app you can play on your phone or for those of us who grow up in the 80’s and think bigger is still better, you can play on Facebook on your lap top/IPAD/etc….


Basically the game has these cute icons (above) that represent categories:  Entertainment, Sports, Geography, Art, and History.  You spin a little wheel…


… and whatever subject it lands on you answer a question about.  Three questions answered and you get to move on to the grown or you can land on the crown.  The crown lets you choose a category question and if you answer it right you receive that Icon piece.  The goal is to get all the icon pieces before your opponent.

Fun, addicting, and you learn along the way.


Sometimes the questions are pretty easy… .there are many Harry Potters questions that I rock at. 🙂  Some are harder (*cough cough sports*) and you think who would possibly know that answer… and then like yesterday, sometimes you get too excited and click on the wrong answer.

Here is my Facebook post from last night:

I dont know if I can keep playing Trivia Crack…. it makes me swear. Latest question, animal best known in Edgar Allen Poe’s poem…. I quickly and confidently clicked on….
crow. *doh!*

LOL.  The crack got me.

Today I am working out and working on a project for Camp.  I am debating on an author event for this evening in the cities but think I am going to pass as it is 2 hours away and will involve driving in the dark tonight.

Are you playing Trivia Crack?  Do you have a “fun” question that you missed?


24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Confession, I Am On The Crack

  1. I try to stay away from trivia games because I already have enough addictions in my life between reading, blogging, and Candy Crush. Plus, my husband has a wicked memory for stuff life this, so he’d quickly put me to shame which makes me not want to bother even trying. LOL!

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads

  2. I don’t play it either and honestly, like Carmel, I don’t think my life can take one more addiction – reading, blogging, commenting on blogs, Candy Crush and the two other games I play on my iPad that I can’t remember the names. This one does sound like Trivial Pursuit. I sort of rock at Trivial Pursuit. The family won’t play with me anymore. Well, not sports, but pretty much everything else. 😉

  3. I LOVE Trivia Crack. My most recent shameful wrong answer was to “What is the longest river in the United States?” The first choice started with M so I just hit it, but it was Missouri not Mississippi. 😦

  4. My sister-in-law got me addicted to Trivia Crack. Sports and entertainment are definitely my worst categories. I’ve made a few dumb mistakes when answering, but I think my favorite are the completely random guesses that turn out to be right! 🙂

  5. I’ve always loved trivia games and this is basically Trivial Pursuit digitally 😀 I used to play TP a LOT back in the 80s. This could easily be addictive if I allowed myself to consider it! lol

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