Morning Meanderings… Technology Fail… But There Are Books!


Good morning!  YAY!  Sunday!

Yesterday I mentioned I was having trouble uploading pictures from my phone.  When taking pictures for Book Journey I usually take them on my phone and then email them to myself to nab off my laptop.  Yesterday morning I took several pics for the morning post but could not get them to upload.

This morning I tried again, rebooting my phone and everything.  Still didn’t work.  Then I went to the magic of all things Google and Googled my problem.  All sorts of things came up about MMS… blah blah blah, stuff over my head.


I stared at my phone filled will reminders that the message had failed…

and then I knew what had happened.

I never use my phone to check email.  I receive too much email on three different accounts and it is a huge battery suck.  Only if I am super desperate to check for an email will I use it and then it usually needs about 5 minutes to sync as the last time I checked it was months prior…


on Tuesday I needed to print an email for book club and I do not have a printer hooked to this laptop.  I do however have one hooked to my office laptop.  When I went to retrieve the email downstairs somehow I had been logged out on my main email.  AND… I could not for the life of me recall the password.  In order to retrieve the email I needed to print, I had to…

you guessed it…




My phone could not send to the email as it no longer had the correct password.


A quick fix and I received my photos no problem. 🙂

And just in time too as here are the books that came in this week:


The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins (audio)

Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom

Night Is The Hunter by Steven Gore

The Forgetting Place by John Burley

The Boy Who Loved Rain by Gerald Kelly

Two Moons by Thomas Mallon

The Snow Globe by Judith Kinghorn

Splinters Of Light by Rachael Herron


I am pretty caught up around here, house cleaning is done, errands complete… I have been working freelance projects for the past 4 days and think today is an official reading day.  I look forward to a comfy chair and a good book or two.

What are you doing with your Sunday?

29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Technology Fail… But There Are Books!

  1. I’m having technology problems this weekend, too, with my iphone. I use the iphone to read email most of the time. Suddenly, though, the iphone cannot receive email. I receive email just fine on my PC. Also, I tried to upload a picture I took with my iphone to Facebook, and it never posted.

    I have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it. I, too, googled the problem but am afraid that trying to fix the iphone will just make it worse. My husband reinstalled email, but that made no difference.

    Anyhow, I read THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, a much overhyped book. Much is said about it, but it all comes down to figuring out what a delusional drunk witnessed.

  2. Oh my…I hate when things like that happen.

    Snow Globe looks good.

    I see you received The Girl On The Train. It is listed as #1 on the most books sold last week according to our newspaper and Gannett New Service.

    My Sunday will be spent catching up on things here. It was my turn to stay with my mom Friday night through Sunday morning.

    Have a wonderful week. I know you will. 🙂 🙂

  3. Oh Sheila! We have become so dependent on our tech gadgets, that when they aren’t working properly we 1. Go into an immediate panic attack, 2. Try to think of all the techies we know who would help us out for free. 3. Call Geek Squad when all else fails.
    Hope you have a wonderful day devouring some of those delicious books in your stack.

  4. I like your ‘do. This picture is much better. First world problems make me chuckle. When i get impatient with the WiFi, the mouse gets a thumping or my phone gets a shaking. We are venturing down south today with my parents to check out a purchase that had us sign our lives away.

  5. I do upload photos from my iPhone (Phoebe) to my e-mail, but I only ever use the one e-mail account, so I haven’t encountered any problems…yet. I don’t like responding to e-mails from my phone, however. I wait until I’m on my laptop. (Louisa May).

    Speaking of technology, I am probably going to upgrade to Kindle Paperwhite next month…and I’m trying to decide if I should name it Sparky II…or something different.

    Reading Three Days to Forever, by Lauren Carr.

  6. Glad you fixed your technology problem. Sounds like it was a hassle. I hope you enjoy Girl on the Train, I thought it was an addictive read. Have a wonderful weekend, Sheila.

  7. It was 1° when we got up this morning….1 loan degree, and it had dropped to -2° within 30 minutes, and the blinkin’ sun ain’t even up yet! Obviously, the plan to go to church to say farewell to Anneke, our intern from Germany was a bust…partially because I told my ride….who is 82…NOT to come. Quickly posted to Anneke as I have a gift fir her, and she will get over to see us before they leave Tuesday….

    All that said…my spouse is now 1/2 through the formal program acceptance boogie for grad school, she’s paid to go to England for field work this spring. My cousin’s book tour for her new book has been set and I told you that already…got a bunch more books shelved, and all but one ARC read, and that one’s 108 pages., so that’s the rest of the afternoon on the Northside of Siberacuse New York.

  8. Do you have Dropbox, Sheila? I used to email myself the pictures I took on my phone, but now I just upload them to Dropbox. It’s so much faster.

    I love when I can take an official reading day! I hope yours went well. My husband and I decided to avoid the Valentine’s Day crowds so we did our Valentine’s Day dinner tonight instead of yesterday. I think that’s what we should do from now on – no worries about trying to get a reservation a month in advance!

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