Morning Meanderings…. 50 Shades Of… AWESOME!

New coffee cup pic to come… I have one but for some reason can not get it to upload this morning and tired of waiting 😉


Happy Saturday!  I have the best weekend ahead of me here…. no plans!!! I love it!  I might have lunch with a friend, visit my aunt, try out the snow shoes finally… the possibilities are endless 🙂

As you probably know, today is the official release day of the 50 Shades Of Grey movie.  It’s Valentines Day… aren’t they cute?  I have not read the book and do not plan too and will more than likely be passing on the movie as well.  However, I would be neglect if I did not say the play on the title (mush as I have done today) has been fun. 😀

Today for Saturday Snapshot, I thought it would be fun to post pics of my book club through the years because they really are 50 shades of AWESOME!  I was going through pics on Facebook the other day and thought it was fun to see all the crazy things we have done through the years.  Granted, this is not all of the craziness… this is just some.

This was for our review of Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl. We disguised ourselves like she did in the book. Can you find me in this group? 😉


Pride and Prejudice was the classic we were reading…. we dressed the era.


A little fun with this pic.


Sharon’s birthday. We surprised her and wore our “Bookies” shirts


The review for The Wizard Of Oz.


Our 100th meeting celebration! YAY!!!


When one of us was diagnosed with breast cancer we wore pink to the meeting in support of her.


Our first SKYPE with author Sandra Brannan. Sandra had sent us a care package for our review.


Our current Queen and her coronation.



This has been fun for me to look back through these pics of a book club I adore.  Going strong since August of 2001!  There are a lot more pics, but now I think I am on a mission….. more on that later 😉




11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. 50 Shades Of… AWESOME!

  1. How fun, I love that you dress up. I’d like to have the opportunity to join a f2f book group at some stage, but life would need to slow down first.

  2. So enjoying your posts. My days are brighter when I read about your books and your amazing enjoyment of life. It’s like having a special friend who always checks in. My daughter just suggested a trip to Australia and I wondered just which cities you would include on the adventure. Thanks for every post.

    Judy Gladden


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