Morning Meanderings… Getting My 20’s On… Gatsby Style


Good morning!  Thursday already!  I am not even sure how that happened…  I went through most of yesterday thinking it was Tuesday.  No idea where I lost a day.

I have been back and forth on an event in Roseville Minnesota coming up this Saturday.  It is a Gatsby event for their library sponsored by their friends group.  I sooooo want to do an event like this in Brainerd in 2016.  Months ago I said I would attend but then coming back from our long trip, I suddenly just wanted to stay home.  (I kind of still do).


Yet… as the event draws closer… I became inspired.  Yesterday morning I looked at what I had in my closet of dresses and found one or two that will work… then I went to our local party store and found a wig.. yes a wig… that will also work.

I think I want to go.

It sucks that it is 2 hours away… but with a little luck, next year it wont be.  🙂


So that’s what I am up too.

Remember my word for this year is “emerge”… and I need to emerge out of this house.  lol

Today I have a freelance project to start moving on, a mailing for the library, work out session, and the start of the flyer for the bike ride in July for Camp Benedict.  I do not lack for things to do. 😉

23 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Getting My 20’s On… Gatsby Style

    1. It is a drawback for sure… and we will come back that night as we both need to be in town on Sunday. Oh well… hopefully we will have a ton to talk about on the way back and the time will pass quickly. 😀

  1. What a fantastic idea!! I am like that too…you want to go, but you don’t.

    I forget my word for the year. I chose two. Can you please send the link to your post and I will see what I chose? I even had my family do the word of the year and I still can’t remember. 🙂

    Thanks, Sheila. I can’t believe it is Thursday either. These weeks just fly by.

  2. Of course you’re inclined to want to stay home. All you’ve been doing is travelling lately! Home is nice 🙂 And since you already bought a wig, I’m thinkin’ you’re goin’! lol Can’t wait to see pics, but at least you can do more audio on your drive, right? 🙂

  3. I feel like that all the time about events! I love your word for the year. I need to emerge out of my apartment too. And the 20s – oh, I so so so love those flapper dresses! I hope you post a pic of you in the wig!

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