Morning Meanderings… Heigh Ho Heigh Ho It’s Off To Work I Go


Good morning!  Getting back in routine here.  Thank goodness!  I love getting up in the morning with a purpose and heading into my office.  I have a few writing projects going on and more coming.

Today I write, I have a lunch date, work out, and a project to work on this afternoon.  I have been trying to read in the evenings instead of TV which works out well.  It is a good agenda.

Listening to today:









Reading today:












Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. ENJOY your day.

    I love the “this is what you just put in your mouth” graphic.

  2. I love your day!! esp the writing part..i have to go off to a silly day job….someday…

  3. There is that food book again! I really need to get a copy of that. I think it is one my entire family would thoroughly enjoy. We love gross fun facts like that!

  4. Do I really want to read that food book? I’m kind of stuck at the cockroach part. Ewww!

  5. Have a fantastic day. I have switched to only watching TV on Sundays (after not watching TV at all in the month of Jan). It really is a bit freeing!

  6. Sounds like a lovely, productive day! I’m hoping to get to Odd Thomas soon …

  7. Yay for you on all counts! 😀 And I’m thinking you’re feeling much better than you did last week 🙂

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