Morning Meanderings… Finishing Up January


Being home so little in January it feels weird to be talking about the end of the month already… yet here we are.  January was…

1st books of the year….

6 7 books reviews and 5 audiobook reviews.  An additional 3 books read but not reviewed yet due to release dates.

World traveling and spending a lot more time with my hubby than we usually have time for 17 luxurious days

Traveling through the books I have read and keeping up on the archives.

Lots of guest posts (YOU all rock!!!)

Posts about hobbits

work out hours…

lunches with friends

Very Little Snow – YAY!

using My Fitness Pal consistently since I came home


So that is wrapping up January.  2015 so far…. I like it.

February will bring a Super Bowl Party, an annual meeting for the Friends Of The Brainerd Public Library, my first meeting with the Minnesota Association Of Library Friends, possibility of a literary party, a birthday, an article… and who knows what else.  🙂

Today… I need to finish a book.  Work out.  A retirement party at the library.  Things to start prepping for Camp Benedict and for the Annual Friends meeting on Monday.  It shouldn’t be too crazy of a day.

How was your January?

34 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… Finishing Up January

    • So far so good – I have big hopes for February. I will be home all month and for the first time in a while now I feel I can move forward on some projects.

  1. i can’t believe its the end of January already – it feels like this month has flown by! lots of reading (although already behind on my yearly goal, but I’ll fix that); triathlon training started again (whee) and i need to get better at using MFP (I do good for a couple of days and then get distracted)

    • Right! I just made the move to get back on track this week and it feels good. I am in a much better frame of mind when I work out… I find I handle things better and way less stressed. 😀

  2. It’s hard to believe that January is almost over…and with February, I have an appt. with the tax accountant…and I’m hoping for better news this year!

    Enjoy all of your events….and being home, too.

  3. January was a lovely slow month for us…it’s a month we don’t travel…not sure why, though…just too cold to actually move?

    Sheila…where did you find your planner? I keep looking for one like that and I only find smallish ones…yours looks notebook sized?

    • I purchased it at office max – yes it is notebook size. I love writing things down so need lots of room 🙂 I use my planners as almost records of my year. By looking at the old ones I can see what I did, who I hung out with, book tours and reviews… 🙂

  4. Even when you’re away, you are organized at blogger, etc. I just —am not. LOL We have had very little snow in the west…but it’s scary now. Water levels and all that jazz. I don’t love it so much either, but I guess we do need the water.

    (weird thing!! I am listen to the audio book “Big Little Lies” and the narrator has an Australian accent. As I was typing my comment it was going thru my head in an Australian accent. too funny. By the way, the book is good, have you read it?)

    • Sometimes I am organized Debbie – sometimes… it doesn’t always work out that way 😀 I suppose we need the water too…. darn it. LOL
      I have listened to Big Little Lies on audio as well and loved it!

  5. I like how you carved out QT with your hubbie. If you were a knitter, you would have come home with a suitcase full of fabulous, New Zealand yarn!

  6. I read 25 books(?) Actually read 24, gave up on a music theory book. We survived the “work” on the house and I actually am CULLING books, and I haven’t been struck dead doing it! My spouse did better than expected on her GREs we just heard, and we didn’t get the most snow but everyone we love is safe and warm. The saddest part was my last Aunt passed at 90! after a wonderful short family cruise reunion.

    Onward to February—and Rebekah’s birthday

  7. Looks like Superblogger is back in operation—full force! lol I still say one of your greatest superpowers is fitting 48 hours into 24, Sheila! 🙂

  8. I think Jan. flew by in a flash. Now a short month ahead and the Spring will be almost here, right? We’re supposed to get 8″ of snow starting tonight. Guess I’ll be on the treadmill tomorrow. Have a fun weekend, Sheila.

  9. You ROCK. I don’t know how you get it all done. Have enjoyed all your photos from travels.

  10. Travelling… yay. Very little snow, sucks.
    I’ve read 9 books including: 2 in foreign language, one of them being e-book, one non-fiction which totalled 3 non-fiction books. I read books from 5 different countries (author countries): Poland, South Korea, USA, Canada… and I read stories by Kurds, who don’t have separate country. I don’t count online comics. Quite a lot of reading, and I watched quite a lot too. 😀 I took part in a mini-convention (I had a speech), I took part in a library discussion club. I started teaching Polish to foreigners again. Quite a lot of stuff happened.

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