Morning Meanderings… What Is Happening Now?


Good morning!  I have been home now for 5 days.  The weekend was me doing pretty much nothing.  The time change had us all goofed up… staying up until 1 am and then sleeping until 8 or 9 (so not like me – I am an early riser!)  Then… I would spend afternoons reading or online while sitting in the recliner and then falling asleep in the chair.

The motto of Princess Cruises is “Come Back New”, and as much as I wanted that to be true… I did not want “new” to mean…. lazy.  😉

My hubby Al (left) riding while our friend Ray drives (right).  This is opposite of how we drive in the states.
My hubby Al (left) riding while our friend Ray drives (right). This is opposite of how we drive in the states.

Then finally Monday came… and it was like my brain turned on.  I made a to-do list.  I started working out.  I bought the groceries we needed, made the phone calls I needed, and took a couple of freelance jobs.  *whew*  I think I am coming back!

Yesterday I started looking for our Wine and Words authors for 2015.  I sent out emails, and hope to have a few yes’s before our Friends Of The Library Annual Meeting next Monday.  I like the mystery reveal of it all.  At this writing…. I have two yes’.  YEAH.  Three more to go.

Today, I listen to audio and have some things to work on for that annual meeting.  I am starting to get my mojo back.  I am still a little tired but getting back to the norm…

and yes,

I think I came back new.

I think this is the day after I burned my bottom lip (before it was really bad) but that… is another story. 😉


20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What Is Happening Now?

  1. Sheila, give yourself a bit of time to get back into the swing of things–although I think you are feeling like yourself again, already! 🙂

  2. I had jet lag after a six hour flight, I can’t imagine how you felt after your long flights. Glad you’re feeling a bit more like yourself and I hope you get those yes calls soon 🙂

    1. I am back and it feels good. 🙂 I have been trying to visit blogs as I can. I want to go through those who commented while I was away – perhaps I can do that this afternoon…. as for now – I have a work our date or what I have been calling” WOH! (Work Out Hour). Making healthy habits 😉

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