Morning Meanderings… Kathryn from Book Date and Exploring The Beach!

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Hi!  Good morning!  This is Kathryn from The Book Date.  Well by now you all know that Sheila is away at the moment, actually she is visiting us Down Under. I was delighted to hear she was coming to Australia and even more delighted when she revealed that she is visiting my own country New Zealand.  Hope you are loving both countries Sheila.  Australian beaches are the best!  And a little shopping in Sydney – not to be dismissed. Remember folks its summer here, so Sheila is escaping your winter for a little while.

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I first heard of Sheila before I “met” her. I used to have a teacher blog and joined Jen at Teach Mentor Texts where she ran the children’s and YA version of the meme It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?  She always acknowledged Sheila at Book Journey and I wondered who this person was!  I never really ventured in to find out.  It wasn’t until I began my own reading blog for myself that I eventually discovered Sheila at Book Journey.


I love Book Journey because it oozes energy, fun and variety and a great love of books.  Now I link up to her meme It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?  It has been where I have discovered all kinds of reading blogs and readers.  I love it.  I also love her 1st book of the year meme and the challenges she hosts.


13aAnyway while Sheila is away I’ve been taking a little book journey through her archives.  I was excited to find a post that had my name on it! It jogged a memory button. Its from July 2009 and the book she was talking about is Beach Girls by Luanne Rice.  I enjoyed The Lemon Orchard by this same author in 2013 but haven’t read any more since. It’s true about that adage – “give old posts a little love”, and I’m loving this post from back in 2009.


I have this ‘real’ book on my TBR  shelf. I keep passing over it, not even choosing it for challenges I’m doing to clear my TBR in 2015.  Now I’ve read Sheila’s review of Beach Girls I am thinking, “ why have I been avoiding it?” It sounds like a great read.  Friendship, a strong female and what sounds to me like some emotional angst. Hey this is my type of book!  And.. what’s more Sheila mentions there is a follow up, Last Kiss.  And I did mention its summer down here, perfect read.  It is going on my “must read” list for this summer.

Thanks, Sheila from a very happy Kiwi.



31 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Kathryn from Book Date and Exploring The Beach!

  1. Nice post, Kathryn! I’ve only read one book by Luanne Rice – same one as you but I’m now adding Beach Girls to my TBR list. Hope you get to read it soon.

  2. Great post…….love the coffee cup idea that so many guest posters have used 🙂 I also love that picture of the kangaroo relaxing on the beach. Ahhhh, just a few more months to go here.

  3. Kathryn, thank you for filling in for Sheila. I have become a “regular” at Book Journey recently. I think the “problem” is that we have so many books, it’s hard to choose what to read at any given moment. Beach Girls sounds like it would be entertaining. Enjoy your Sunday, Kathryn!

    1. Suko yes I agree that we have so many great books at our beck and call and the internet just opened our choice up so much.

  4. I loved your post…and it reminded me that I have The Lemon Orchard, still unread. Must get to it, as I have enjoyed some books by this author.

    Book blogging has definitely added to my shelves, as I discover great reads that I would not have considered otherwise.

    Enjoy your summer there!

    1. Absolutely, I used to worry I would run out of my favorite authors, now I worry because I can’t read fast enough to read all I want to read. Book blogging has given me so many possibilities.

  5. What a beautiful post, Kathryn. Love the kangaroo on the beach. 🙂

    I have read The Lemon Orchard. I need to read Beach Girls.

    ENJOY your Sunday. I can’t wait until we get warm again. 🙂

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog

  6. Kathryn, I love the look of your blog! What a great header! 😀 And this post was so enjoyable to read 🙂 Oh, how lovely it must be to live in New Zealand. Such gorgeous terrain and variety! Too bad you couldn’t arrange to meet Sheila while she’s there, but their itinerary is probably so full and your schedule/proximity probably wouldn’t allow for it. Loving that kangaroo chillin’ on the beach! 🙂 Great post!

    1. Thank you. Usually a ship visits in for a few hours and they have so much to see. I just think that it is such a wonderful opportunity for her so I hope the weather around both countries is kind.

    1. Yes expensive!! But sometimes I spend money and then I can’t wear something but this time I reckon they will last a good long time, and they got the thumbs up from he who usually looks down his nose at some of my efforts for swimwear!

  7. Melbourne is having some pretty crazy weather at the moment, they really do get 4 seasons in one day down there lol. Hope you’re having a blast Sheila. Up in sunny Queensland we are still melting in the heat 🙂

    Great post Kathryn, I enjoyed finding out how you got to know Sheila. I’ve only read the one Luanne Rice … Little Night and I didn’t enjoy it much but I really want to read The Lemon Orchard and I have to admit Beach Girls sounds like my kind of read 🙂

  8. Hi, Kathryn – Nice to “meet” you! I am one of Sheila’s blog sitters, too. I hadn’t heard of this novel or this author before, so I will have to check then both out.

    Lucky you, enjoying summer there! Today is a particularly nasty day here – cold, rainy, and icy. Send some of that sunshine!

    Enjoy your books this week –


    Book By Book

  9. Kathryn, I know exactly what you mean by those books we tend to pass over until one day we say, now why did I not read this one yet? I read a few books by Luanne Rice but not Beach Girls. Winters are so cold here in Montreal that I have been dreaming of the beach lately…

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