Love Letters by Debbie Macomber


Jo Marie Rose knows that summer is the biggest season for the Inn so she and handyman Mark Taylor have been working side by side to prepare everything.  While she and Mark has been friends for a while now, Jo Marie is surprised she knows little about Mark and decides that this will be the season when she finds out about this mysterious man.

Ellie Reynolds is coming to the Inn to meet a man she has been corresponding with for the past few months.  Eliie is frightened on her soon to be encounter but can not pass up this opportunity to meet someone she feels she may be falling for.

Maggie and Roy Porter’s marriage is in a rocky state.  The trip to the Inn is one that they are both hoping will possibly save their marriage.  Maggie is working hard to forgive Roy, but at the same time knows that has something she must confess that may destroy any chances they may have of putting their marriage back together.

What is it about writing words of love on paper?  And how can such letters for these people at the Inn change everything?



I used to read Debbie Macomber frequently many years ago.  I enjoyed the people you meet in her towns.  I found it brilliant how she created a series set around a town and named each book an address where you met the people within that household and how they interacted with the other characters you would meet book by book.

Love Letters took me back to that town I enjoyed reading about all those years ago.  This time centered around the Inn.  While Love Letters was sweet, it did not hold me like the earlier books had.  I found the relationships to feel forced and I never connected with any of them.

A pleasant read,yes, and fans of Debbie Macomber may find this book to be a great fit.  For me, my time in Cedar Cove may have passed, or perhaps it was just a bad visit and at some other time I may come back again.


6 thoughts on “Love Letters by Debbie Macomber

  1. This one is a spin off of the Cedar Cove books, I think it began with The Inn at Rose Harbor or some such. I liked the first couple of books, but decided not to coninue on, for much the same reasons as yourself.

  2. I read this one, and kind of felt the same way you did. I then went on to read one of her Christmas books, and didn’t really like that one either. I’ve decided that her books just seem a bit too simplistic (for lack of a better word), and predictable to me.

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