Morning Meanderings… Sweet Books Are Made Of This!


Good morning!  Sunday and I feel like I need to wrap gifts, light the tree, and put on a little Christmas music.  Finally…

I am in the mood for Christmas.

A few books came my way this week:


The top 5 books are a sweet win from Julie at Booking Mama, they are Christmas stories, a beautiful set from Penguin!  (Better pic of them below)

The Year Of Reading Dangerously by Andy Miller

Men, Women, and Children by Chad Kuttgen

PSYQ by Ben Ambridge (LOVE stuff like this!)

The Magician’s Daughter by Judith Janeway

Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel


One of these above books is set up for my First Book Of The Year project.  Can you guess which one it will be? 😀  YOU should join in for the first book too!  It is fun!



The Penguin Win!!!


That is the books!  Have to run, I have a full morning and working on a little craft project this afternoon.  Have a SUPER Sunday!!!

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  1. The Christmas Stories are gorgeous! I really must read Station Eleven…

  2. Station Eleven! I so hope that you love that one 🙂 I have a copy of PsyQ coming in the mail too — it looks like a lot of fun!

  3. I am guessing PsyQ…was that remark (LOVE stuff like this) a hint? LOL

  4. The Year of Reading Dangerously

  5. Nice pile of books! Is your first book of the year going to be Station Eleven? I think that might be my pick!

  6. Congratulations on your great win! I thought of you yesterday when a young girl told me her goal for her winter break is to reread all the Harry Potter books. I’m guessing Station Eleven will be your first book of 2015.

    • LOL…. The magic of Harry Potter! 😀 I just gave two of my books (I had additional copies) to a lady who is trying to get a set of all seven books to her son for Christmas. And yes…. you guessed my first book!

  7. Not sure what you chose but I would recommend Station Eleven – you will love it.. I finished that a few weeks ago and it was awesome! Yeah, I’m behind on reviews. 🙂

  8. OK, I’m guessing The Year of Reading Dangerously just because it seems appropriate to being a “year of reading” 😀 Enjoy your day! My “first book of 2015” post is already written and scheduled, btw 😀

  9. Oh, I so hate you at the moment for making that song run through my head! LOLOL

  10. I have been loving those Penguin book covers this year!! Congrats and enjoy!

  11. Great win for you! I read Station Eleven a couple of weeks ago. Good story, very different too. I know you will enjoy it.

  12. I am guessing Station Eleven is your first book of the year. 🙂

    ENJOY your week.

  13. I almost picked Station Eleven as my first book of 2015 too, but when in another direction.

  14. Station Eleven sounds like one I would like. I am still trying to decide on my First book for 2015.
    Your other titles look good too and congrats on a lovely win!

  15. I too loved Station Eleven! I love the covers of the Penguin books

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