Morning Meanderings… Much Ado About Nothing


Good morning!  Saturday and I am in St Cloud preparing for day two of our Board Meeting for Camp Benedict.  This has been awesome so far.  Already we have made great strides to what camp will look like in 2015 and I am excited about the teamwork that has gone into those decisions.

Today we will wrap up by early afternoon.  I am going to get ready, load my car, and then head down to the breakfast area to enjoy COFFEE and wait for the rest of the group to trickle down.  My picture for today’s Saturday Snapshot came from the Lounge as we wrapped up our meeting last night:


It was just a funny pic to see Santa sitting at the bar.  He wasn’t drinking anything, but it was still funny…. made we want to think of a caption for the pic 🙂  He was more than happy to oblige us for the picture.

Heading home this afternoon…. have a project I am working on for Christmas and I am excited to get started. 🙂


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  1. Santa came in our store last night so maybe he does like beer!

  2. Sheila, your photos are too cute today! Best of luck at your meetings.

  3. Ha-ha…Santa is a Good Ol’ Boy! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ahhh, Santa!

  5. Even Santa likes to kick back once in a while 😉

  6. Kinda like the images of Santa laying on the beach, right? 😉 Enjoy your project!

  7. Oh, that’s great! I think Santa deserves a night at the bar!

  8. We saw Santa this week too. He stopped by while we were stitching at our Catholic Elementary School. I wish I had taken a picture, this one’s hair and beard were “real”

  9. You never know where Santa will show up! That’s why is important to be good no matter where you are!

  10. Sleigh riding is thirsty work 🙂

    Merry Christmas

  11. That’s a great shot.

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