Morning Meanderings… Dogs Life


Friday!  Wow!  I am home from an early morning coffee date with a friend and have been staring at this screen for the last 15 or so minutes looking for my topic.  I know I know… I could have let it pass, prepped my review for later and been done with it, but no… for whatever reason.. I wanted to write something.


you get my dogs 🙂

Dog people, you will get this.  Dogs are so great.  They love you no matter what, dont care what you look like or what mood you are in.  They are loyal to a fault.  I adore them.  Yesterday afternoon I took these pictures of the dogs in my home.  They crack me up.  They are wherever I am like guards always on duty.  If I move they move.  They are not disgruntled in their life goals of following me around, but instead embrace it. I think this sums up their personalities:

Sammy... my "If you jump I jump" dog.
Sammy… my “If you jump I jump” dog.


Mater my "Whatcha doin? Is it food? Are you getting food? Are you thinking about food? Will there be food? I will just follow you in case there is food," dog.
Mater my “Whatcha doin? Is it food? Are you getting food? Are you thinking about food? Will there be food? I will just follow you in case there is food,” dog.
Bailey (16 years old) my “DO NOT wake me unless it is time for me to get off the bed and go and sleep on the couch. AND if you could carry me from one cozy spot to the next that would be great. Thanks,” dog.


There they are… triple trouble.  Do you have pets like this?  Guardians of your heart?

20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Dogs Life

  1. I have my #NuttyMutts : Cinder the “I like to snuggle if there are not squirrels to chase in the backyard” dog, Lizzie the “I need to be wherever you are mom” dog, and Tonks (my older one) the “I need a warm blanket and you to wait on me” dog. Love them all. Yes they are all named after book characters. Yes I am silly 🙂

  2. I have 3 dogs as well – 2 senior rescues (Shiba Inu’s) and a high energy 5 year old German Shepherd. the Shepherd doesn’t care what’s going on, as long as he has his frisbee (he entertains himself for hours on end outside with it); my 2 seniors are a bit more close hold because they were abused (we think) – one will just go and hide for hours on end; the other is my snuggle bug (where I go, he goes)

  3. I have Odie a Beagle/Jack Russell cross. Somedays he works with his beagle brain and other days he is pure jack russell but always with a beagle nose- aged 3. Then there is Molly a silky terrier/jack russell cross who is 9 and a little madame and runs the house with the three dogs and two cats. The third dog is Wally, a 14 year old staffy terrier/jack russell/dachsand cross. He is the food addict and nothing in life is as good as food. And he is the boss of the 5 (or so he believes). Yes the 3 dogs and 2 cats are all rescue animals and they are the best.

  4. Your dogs are adorable! And yes, my dog is my shadow. I move, she moves. And I wouldn’t have it any other way, she is my babydog and I love her more than I can wrap my mind around.

    My son has a cat and she’s more like a dog, she follows him from room to room and when the doorbell rings she runs to the door to see who it is.

    Pets are one of life’s greatest gifts!

  5. Cute, cute puppies!! I have 2 that are my guards and are just rotten. They will guard all the houses on the block that they can see! My dog Scooter comes and gets in the bed with me after my husband gets up in the morning. My other dog Little Bit, has to have a pillow on the floor to sleep on. Nothing like a pet!!!

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