Morning Meanderings… My Twisted Chopped Up Puzzle Pieces Life


Good morning!  Another day of coffee and audio and hopefully that book I am so involved in and cleaning and dinner and…

life is weird.

Now that it is winter and I officially and magically turn into an indoor girl it puts a whole new twist on this “staying home and writing” Me.  I like it, I really do, I think I am just going through a phase now that the busyness of November is over and everything slowed down going into December… I am learning how to adjust to this new life.

I am writing.  YAY!  I love that.  I am working on something new, as well as writing for a few magazines, and doing some freelance work.  It is cool, it is exciting, it is what I always wanted…

and it is scary.

I am not used to managing all my time and I need to work on keeping to a schedule as it is really easy to:

1.  Start writing and/or working on articles early and go through the entire day of doing nothing but that.

2. Get up, start cleaning and listening to audio and not accomplishing much else.

3.  Fill up my day with outside appointments and friends and that’s about it.



I know these are probably actually very acceptable as long as one or the other does not take over completely (always writing and doing nothing else but digging myself into hermitville…OR always cleaning and doing projects around the house while listening to audio and accomplishing nothing OR just hanging out filling up my time and living in a blissful bubble of fantasy)

My husband is a saint.  He’s happy as long as I am happy.

I need to incorporate more exercise, YES Mr. treadmill I am talking about you.  You are downstairs and waiting.  And I know I need to start working off a schedule again – actually scheduling myself to write or complete a project.  All of this is at my finger tips, I just need to do it. 😀


Ok… so that is a bit into my life…LOL  As for what I am listening to…  when I am bouncing around the house I am listening to The Year Of Reading Dangerously.  When I am stationary at my computer working on updating information or something that does not take a lot of mind power, I am listening to Sins Of Our Fathers.  When I am in the car I am listening to Winter Street.  The book I am reading in the late evenings is Brutal Youth which is so hard to explain but has my fully engaged… it is about a private Catholic school with intense bullying, hazing.. there is so much in this book but I am soooo curious to know how it will all work out!


So that’s it.  I am home today – I am writing.  I am doing laundry. I am tackling cleaning out a closet.  I have two reviews to complete for a magazine. I will plan dinner.  I will get to that book. And my day is full and I am happy. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… My Twisted Chopped Up Puzzle Pieces Life

    1. It scares me a bit that this is my life although I know I can totally own this and make it work. Perhaps one of the downsides of winter is without being outside and breaking up time with gardening and other outdoor activities, I get in my head too much. 🙂

  1. Sheila, I know it’s hard to decide what to do on some days, because you can’t fit EVERYTHING into the course of a day. Regardless, I think it’s better to have a lot to do, and/or be enthusiastic about what you choose. I am amazed that you can listen to so many audiobooks concurrently (I think that’s the right word). 🙂

  2. This is exactly what happens to me, too! It’s like one thing can completely hijack my day, even though theoretically I know I have time to do several things in a day. And my things are so similar to yours – writing and work, putzing around the house or going out. I’m looking forward to seeing how scheduling works out for you!

    1. Right? For instance… I wrote this post this morning, and then I re-opened my Linked In account and filled out all the info again. Then I connected with groups and responded to emails. Then I updated info on facebook (I took pictures of my dogs), I did a load of laundry and decided what I would make for supper. Then I looked up a recipe. I took a phone call. I made scrambled eggs. Now it is 12:38 and I have yet to write the two reviews I need to and have not started writing yet today. Thats it – I am now off line 🙂

      1. Yes! I’ve had so many days like that, usually when I’m between deadlines, and then when work gets busy again I look back and say to myself, what happened to all those days?!! I hope you figure this out, so you can share your solution with me. I’m in desperate need of it! 🙂

  3. Sheila, to me, it all sounds good 🙂 I’m HAPPY you’re home and doing things according to what you want, and when you make your OWN schedule, if you don’t stick to it 100% it’s fine. That’s the luxury of it. Enjoy it! 🙂

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