Morning Meanderings… Party Hangover



Good morning! I am up and recovering from a fun filled amazing Tuesday.  If you read yesterdays post you know I had a meeting regarding moving our Wine and Words event to a larger venue for 2015.  It was a wonderful meeting and we are officially MOVED!  My author search for the event will begin in about a month… if everyone I have in mind says “yes”, then we will be ready to announce by February.


Then, last night concluded with our book clubs Christmas party and book discussion of Big Little Lies.  I will write up the book discussion later, but it was a good one.  We chose our read for January, Born To Be Perfect by Barbara Raghavan.

We also handed out our books from Harper Collins Book Club Girls project:




We had wonderful goodies, discussed life and books, and had a wonderful time doing it.  LOVE my Book Club!!!

It was a full day of running from one thing to another and I am thrilled I accomplished everything I set out to.  Today… I am a bit tired and have a lot to do so ONWARD!

Happy Wednesday all!!!

8 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Party Hangover

    1. Currently yes. When we signed up for Book Club Girl (or any additional thing we sign ip for) our rule is that we are agreeing to a bonus and it does not affect our regular book club set up. While we can vote for the Book Club Girl book to be our read for the month, it is still up to the vote. This month a smaller e-book won the vote. I guess it is just over 200 pages and then of course we will be working on the other one too. EEP! I think the hardest thing is that we were sent the November and December book club books at the same time, last week and we are already choosing the next book. Thats a lot of book in a short amount of time 🙂

  1. My book club took the month off from reading since we knew we’d all be busy. But we did meet to catch up and do a book exchange, which was a lot of fun!

    We take turns choosing books rather than voting. I chose Maus for our book next month, which is outside every other member’s comfort zone. They do generally like to read WWII/Holocaust books, so hopefully this gamble will pay off. Wish me luck! I’m glad you guys had a good time!

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