Morning Meanderings… The Books and Book Club


Good morning and happy happy Sunday!  I am happy to be snug in a blanket this morning with COFFEE CUP close by.  It is cool outside this morning but we have had little snow in Central Minnesota and in most areas of our yard I can still see grass.  For the record – that’s ok by me.  🙂

On the book front what came in for me this week was minimal:


King Dork is in audio and I am excited to get to it hopefully this week!

Book Club is also this week.  It is our annual Christmas Party and I am so excited for it!  We are reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (LOVED IT!) and our books came in from Harper Collins Book Club Girls Group:


Belong To Me is our pick we will be reading first and then Walking The Bible will be for January, we will figure out the details at book club.

Last night was the Twitter Party for the Harry Potter Readalong.  Those who joined in watched Chamber Of Secrets together.  It was fun to watch the movie while I have recently been reading the book as well.. they were spot on for their lines from the book to the movie!


That is what is new.  My day should be fairly quiet.  Some cleaning and some reading and my cousins baby shower.

Anything happening with your Sunday? 

22 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… The Books and Book Club

    1. Good pick! We are reading the Book Club Girl books as well as what we pick for book club, although the group is welcome to choose the Book Club Book girl book as our book club read. 🙂 Whenever we get involved with something like this I tell the girls it is a bonus read as I work hard to keep Bookies open to read what they vote to read 😉

  1. Happy Sunday, Sunday! I would love to read Big Little Lies (although I still have The Comfort of Lies on my TBR pile). Enjoy your book club meeting!

  2. I have Big, Little Lies on my Kindle and I intend to read it before the year is out! I managed to finish two books today. It has been very productive.

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