Morning Meanderings… Last One. Really. I mean it.


Good morning.  It has been quite the week.  I woke up Wednesday morning and the pain that I have had in my right arm and fingers had moved into my upper back, shoulder and neck.  Super annoying and has thrown off my week.  It hurts to sit and rest my back on anything.  It hurts to roll over in bed.  Lets just say it hurts.  I have been taking Advil like they are candy and seeing a chiropractor.  I am not used to things like this not fixing themselves quickly so still being in pain on Saturday is yup…. annoying.  I am trying to do everything I have planned for this week and keep up on appearances but once I am home I am sooooo glad.  🙂

Anyhoo… that is not what I meant to write about.

I did mention that I would be hosting three challenges for 2015.  Two of them I have posted…  The 2015 Library Challenge (so much interest in this one – I am soooo excited!) and The First Book Of The Year Challenge (not really a 2015 challenge, it is only a one day commitment but a fun one!).  Now, the one I have hosted for many years now…

Where Are You Reading

The 2015 WHERE Are You Reading Challenge.  I just love this years meme pic!  So it is ready to go and the basics of this one are to keep track of where your books are set at… if the book is about a family in Idaho, then that is an Idaho book.  If it is non fiction and about the lakes of Minnesota it is a Minnesota book.. if you can not find anywhere the book connects too, I use where the author is living… anyhoo… check it out.  It is a fun one to see at the end of the year all the places you have traveled through books.


A couple quick reminders – Today is the day that we should start talking about our Harry Potter readalong book, The Chamber Of Secrets.  Those participating can hook up their posts here.  Interested in signing up, do that here

AND tonight on Twitter, 8 pm central time, Tanya from Dogeared Copy is hosting the movie Twitter party where we all hunker down with our popcorn and Every Flavored Beans and enjoy the movie together.  I have a Christmas party to attend but hope to be home in time to participate in the movie as well.

13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Last One. Really. I mean it.

  1. Hope you get the pain sorted out…and that it is not something serious. Probably you stressed something out with all that beehive work…and maybe some of the other outrageous things you do…LOL.

    I am looking forward to the First Book of the Year event…I ordered a book from Amazon that MIGHT be the one…but I also plan to go over to Barnes & Noble in my neighborhood and see what they have, since I also have lovely coupons to spend.

    I moved my Rainy Days and Mondays blog to Word Press…and here is the URL:

    And no, I didn’t import everything, as I imagined having to fix all the wrong links…I had already corrected the links to book reviews on the old RD blog (on Curl up and Read, where I track my reading).

    So far I am loving my new venue, though.

  2. Some great challenges here! I should do the library challenge – I always have my library’s site up when I’m book browsing, and put in holds for books. Finally, a challenge I might do well with! Actually, all three of your challenges look good to me.

  3. I blame those pesky bees! What about cold laser therapy? My cat gets it once a week…lol…cures pain in joints, bones, everywhere!

  4. I love the Where Are You Reading Challenge. I’ve joined the last couple of years, but never finish it. Still, I enjoy it. I plan to try again this year.

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