Morning Meanderings… Challenge Accepted


I couldn’t sleep.

I tossed and turned… 3:20 a.m., 3:30 a.m., 3:33 a.m., 3:38 a.m…. 3:58 a.m. I got up.  Cleaned my kitchen counter.  Made a cup of coffee… played on line Scrabble.  For now.. I am AWAKE.



Yesterday I posted a 2015 Challenge for using your local Libraries.  I posted it as much for me as for anyone else who wants to join me by spending a little more time there in 2015 and walking out with good books or audio or even movies.


Fair warning – two more challenges for 2015 are being posted this week.  The one, an easy one, and a favorite of mine is not even really a challenge… it is the First Book Of The Year Meme/Challenge/ What have you.  It is a one day commitment on January 1st to post about the book that is bringing you into the new year.  I do love this one, it is something I have done long before I blogged – picking out the book that would kick off the New Year.  Be sure to check that one out.  I will post it today.

Where Are You Reading

The other, is the one I have hosted for years – WHERE Are You Reading Challenge… the challenge where you capture where your books are set at and keep a running list or use Google Maps or both.  It really is fun to see where you have read in a years time.  This past year that one got away from me but I will try again.  Watch for that one to be posted in the next few days.


SO that’s me…. I have a bit of shopping to do, you know.. when it is REAL morning, and I am into a really good read, Finding Jake, so hope to finish that today as well.

How is your Wednesday shaping up for you?  Any books or fun happenings to discuss?

19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Challenge Accepted

  1. I’m so glad you are hosting these again. I never finish the Where Are You Reading challenge, but I still like to participate and see where I’ve been during the year. I didn’t use google maps this year, but I might next. Thank you for hosting these and I look forward to the sign ups.

  2. I haven’t choosen my 1st book of the year yet, but I am beginning to think about it now! I may try the “Where Am I” challenge this year, I’ve never did that one before.

    1. I woke up with a sharp pain in my back and I could not get comfortable… pinched nerve I think. Went to the recliner instead, put sports cream on the pain and took Advil. I am still hurting but at least found a comfortable spot to wait it out.

  3. Oh, Sheila, sorry you couldn’t sleep, but at least you got out of bed and didn’t toss and turn much more. I hope your neck feels better! And you know, I never do challenges, but you come up with ones that are either irresistible or something that’s actually feasible! 😀

    You got me to the HP ReRead (glad I’m doing it!), last year I participated in the “1st book of the Year” so I’ll do it again this year, NOT counting the HP book I’ll be in, and IF I remember, I’ll try to take pics of where I’m reading. That’s a tough one ’cause I forget to take pics, period! lol I’m getting better though 🙂 Now I hope YOU feel better!

    Now, of the ZILLION books I have to read…which one?…which one?…

  4. I really need to do the Where Are You Reading? challenge to keep track of the places I read about. I’ve joined before, but I get frustrated when books don’t even give a clue to where they take place.

  5. Didn’t I post already here? Well, I did a cursery view and I am down to two: both by Allison Weir believe it or not. Tudor Rose and Elizabeth I. Any preference?

  6. I love the first book of the year idea! I’ve never done it before – I’ll definitely have to give it some thought. I have several books on my wish list, so hopefully I’ll be choosing one of those! And I hate when insomnia hits, but it looks like you made good use of your wakefulness.

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