Morning Meanderings: I Remember When Our Coffee Pot Was Just For Company.



This morning as I was getting my brew on I had a recollection of when I was first married.  Al and I had a coffee pot (probably was a gift…) but we never used it.  I remember it would sit on the counter and I would make coffee only if my parents were coming over or some other form of adult.  That was it, we were too young and too hip for coffee.

It makes me wonder….  did we drink anything in the morning?

I don’t recall when I crossed over.  Perhaps some chilly day when I was out of cocoa… who knows…  but now, it gets me out of bed just thinking about it.  I will be lying there wondering if I should get up and then recall that getting up means coffee so I pop right up.  Al is the same way.



It’s funny to think that today’s generation will more than likely not have this coffee recollection as I am.  For them, growing up with coffee is a staple. Some have probably started their coffee habits before they could drive. With coffee shops and drinks that represent shakes more than coffee, they are all lining up to get their caffeine on.

Ok… so no idea where that all came from other than the fact I am up.  It is Tuesday.  I have my coffee and I am about to go write.

Caffeine on people.  Carpe cup.


17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings: I Remember When Our Coffee Pot Was Just For Company.

  1. When I got married the first time, it was in the sixties and we had one of those old percolators, and the coffee didn’t taste that great, IMO. And we definitely only had coffee for company, too.

    When I started working at the career that lasted decades, coffee was a necessary staple…and soon we had Mr. Coffee to start our mornings. The coffee was better…but not until Starbucks and the various other blends did the coffee taste wonderful.

    My teenage grandchildren love coffee!

    I can’t imagine life without it…and, like Lorelai, “get me some coffee, and quick!”

  2. I am just the opposite. I started drinking coffee when I started my first “real” job at 18 and when I got pregnant five years later I could not stand to be near it at all. I still cannot drink it, not even the yummy sounding coffee drinks of today.

  3. hahaha…my parents were not coffee drinkers. My Mom would crack open a diet coke in the mornings and my Dad made instant swill (freeze dried coffee) However my Grandfather was a coffee junkie. When I was a teen I began spending summers there and fell in love with coffee. My husband often teases that I love coffee more than him.

  4. You know, thinking about this I can’t remember when I started drinking coffee. Not in my teens as kids weren’t allowed coffee or didn’t like it in the 1960’s. Must have begun when I started working. Now I can’t live without it. I’m with you.

  5. I never drank coffee ’til I started working and there was coffee available. I started with lots of milk and sugar. When I was trying to cut back on sugar, I did so and for years drank it with only half and half (I totally don’t drink it without some measure of cream), now I’m back to a bit of sugar. Until 2 years ago, though, I never drank coffee to “wake up.” That was when I was barely sleeping for 9 months due to the organization of our writer’s conference. I HAD to force my brain awake and fortunately, for me, we had just gotten a Keurig 😀 It turns out that the Paul Newman’s brand didn’t give me a racing heart yet still helped wake up my brain. Now it’s totally a morning habit! lol And oh, yes…to me the smell of coffee beans grinding is pure heaven *sigh*

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