The Vineyard by Michael Hurley

20130910_174722Holy cover LOVE!!!!!


Dorey Delano, Charlotte Harris, and Turner Graham used to be roommates in College at Smith ten years ago. Dorey is struggling with the possible undertaking of the family inheritance and legacy.  She invites her two college friends to join her at the seaside resort on Martha’s Vineyard for catching up with each other and rekindling their once strong friendship.  Dorey has no idea what baggage and agendas come with this invite; Dorey as well has her own things going on.  Each girl is carrying a weight from their current worlds. When a strange man comes into the scene, known only as “the fisherman”, he has an agenda… and it is going to change the girls in ways they would never imagine.



The Vineyard is filled with so much I enjoy in a good book!  Great character development, strong females, a little agenda, a little mystery… even crime.  The Vineyard’s synopsis was fully loaded with a great storyline for each of the three women even without the addition of the fisherman, but tossing him in the mix added another layer of “ooh…. what is going to happen now?”

I really enjoyed The Vineyard.  This is a book that has something for everyone.  Way to go author Michael Hurley in writing such an engaging read!  Take the time to pick up a copy of this gem!  I hope we will be hearing more from this author.



  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Ragbagger Press (November 25, 2014)
  • Language: English


I read this book for a TLC Book Tour.  Thank you TLC for the trip to the Vineyard!




23 thoughts on “The Vineyard by Michael Hurley

  1. This book is great! I reviewed it on GoodReads. As a New Englander and a “Cape Coddah”, I was drawn in by the title, and I have also read his The Prodigal which was an amazing read and is also reviewed

  2. I’m going to agree with BermudaOnion, I couldn’t figure out what being underwater had to do with a vineyard (as in wine)? Martha’s Vineyard…… it 🙂 This looks good, adding it to my ever growing list.

  3. Thanks to Sheila for this wonderful review and to everyone for all of your comments. I had to laugh when I saw Sheila’s “Holy Cover Love” tagline, then read your remarks about the initial disconnect between the water scene on the cover and the title. My editor and I nearly came to blows over the choice of this cover for this very reason! There were four or five wonderful covers proposed, some of which did look more like places where grapes might grow. But to my knowledge there is no evidence of an actual vineyard of any historical note on Martha’s Vineyard, nor does the book have anything to do with wine. This cover was the runaway favorite in every focus group, and it nails the story in the book, so it was a choice between picking a less popular cover that was truer to the title or the favorite cover that was truer to the actual story. (Another reason I’m a writer and not a book designer!) Anyway, great blog, great comments, and best wishes to all for a good winter’s read! ~ Michael Hurley

  4. This sounds like a book that I would definitely enjoy! Adding it my TBR list right now 🙂 Great review!

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