Morning Meanderings… What’s In Your Carry On?



Ba ha ha!  Yes you have to put up with two more days of this photo… 🙂  Then… I will go back to the regularly scheduled photo for this meme… but maybe not – as I will be in Florida then!  WOO HOO!!!

I actually leave later today for my son’s house in St Paul.  He now lives close to the airport so I will stay there tonight and we will taxi to the plane in the morning.  By noon… we should be in Orlando.

Pause for sunshine….

So… what am I taking in my carry on?  This is always a big deal as my carry on is usually strictly for the purpose of books to read on the plane, the safety of my laptop, and perhaps a snack.  I am prepped with:


Ok… so what do we have here?  Far left is Kinderella and on that is The Banks Of Certain Rivers.  Then we have my beautiful 20th Anniversary edition of the Sorcerer’s Stone for kick off to the Harry Potter Re-read/Readathon, This Dark Road To Mercy by Wiley Cash (book club bonus read for Harper Collins), Meritropolis by Joel Ohman (because dang it looks good and if I don’t get to it my son might), and The After House by Michael Phillip Cash (because it looks like the right read for the season and no relation to Wiley Cash that I know of 😉  )

As usual… I over book my carry on… but at least I have variety which will keep me soothed for the ride there and back.

Today I am working on wrapping up some bee appointments, cooking meals for Al, sending in new passport info (that is another story…), folding laundry, dropping off supplies for phase two of my Florida time, pre-paying upcoming bills… odds and ends trying to tie everything up to be gone.

Lots of posts prepped for here so stay tune!  I do not plan on going “dark” while I am away.


A quick shameless plug for the Harry Potter Reread/Readathon starting on Nov. 1.  Check out the post… you have lots of time to read, fun House memes to put on your blog (but you do not need a blog to participate!), prizes and surprises, and we are going to have a lot of fun!  21 signed up so far!

11 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What’s In Your Carry On?

  1. I’ll be going on a cruise soon and plan to have an ereader, medication, and camera in my carry-on. I don’t believe I’ll take a print book with me and if I need one, the ship has a library.

    I’m still trying to get over the part where you said, “20th Anniversary edition”!

  2. Love that you’re planning ahead. Always good. I usually take too many books, too. I’m going to Florida after the Holidays but I’m driving down. I have to fly back so I’ll worry about carry-ons then!! Have a great trip, Sheila!

  3. I pack my laptop, a book, headphones, a bottle of water (empty, to be filled when I get past security), and a snack in my carry-on. I also always make sure I have a sweater with me because planes can get so cold!

  4. Just my Kindle goes in my carry-on, along with my iPad (which I bring on trips instead of my computer). I don’t read on my iPad, I find it too awkward to hold, so I use my Kindle exclusively. That’s not to say I won’t buy physical books wherever I’m going 🙂

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