Morning Meanderings… What’s Up and What’s New


Good morning!  🙂  I have been looking forward to today all week-long!  This is my “Low Key Weekend” and lets just add some hashtags as I think they are fun:  #awesomehangingout  #deweyreadathon #dontwanttoanswermyphone.

After a full couple of weeks of great fun, working weekends, and large commitments… I am trying hard to hold on to the sanctuary of this weekend by not over booking myself and refreshing and renewing to be ready to rock and roll again next week. 🙂

So what is on the weekend agenda?

Today -write a couple of reviews, go to the bank, the Library, the grocery store…. meet a friend for lunch, pick up some boxes of goodies at Connie’s home, clean out the downstairs storage and listen to audio.  🙂  (Ok, that may not sound very low-key – but it is)

Saturday – Dewey Read A Thon.  If I plan this right, I want to be home reading for the entire day.  I will read for charity – I usually do, and hope to not leave the house at all.  (Mmmm hmmmm…. there it , low-key day!)

Sunday – church, and home to do a little cleaning, a little audio, maybe going to a friends home to interview her for an upcoming magazine story… but may just put that off.  Al and I may be heading to the cabin to meet up with the guy working on our roof to run by him plans for a front deck (YAY!!!!  I have waited so long for this! And a possible garage.)  If we do go, we will be gone until Tuesday and if he can not go… then I need to go alone.  Either way, it’s not a bad thing, I was hoping to get to the cabin this month and it just had not worked out.



Something new…. last night I created a Twitter account for our Friends Of The Brainerd Public Library.  After last weeks conference for the Minnesota Library Association I sat in on a session on social media.  While it was aimed more at what Libraries can do to connect… I nabbed a couple ideas for the Friends… Twitter was one, as I can attach the feed to our website and I find that super cool.  Yes, I said it… super cool.  And secondly – mail chimp… which I did not know much about but after seeing what a nice email it sends, it will be something I will be looking into for future friends emails.

Oh… and that Twitter account, in case you want to follow… @BrdFriends

I plan to use it to let people know of upcoming Friends events, happenings, etc…  that may not be of interest to you… however if you are a library fan, or a Friend of your local library, you may want to see what we are doing… after all, I look at other Friends and Library sites to pick up ideas for our own 🙂


Ok enough of the chatter… you have things to do, I have things to do.  Hope your day is super fab!

6 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What’s Up and What’s New

  1. Read-A-Thon for me on Saturday, too. It always turns into a social event for me and I end up spending more time visiting blogs, twitter and mini-challenges than I do reading! But it’s good fun, and that’s what matters. Now I just need to get all my ‘work’ done today.

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