Morning Meanderings… Prelude To A Murder


Good morning fellow readers, adventure seekers, and of course coffee drinkers. How are you this fine chilly morning?  Perhaps where you live it is not chilly… or perhaps you will not venture out into the chill. I will be doing both I believe… Minnesota can be a fickle state to live in. 🙂

Last week I made two trips into the Minneapolis area.  Once for the Minnesota Library Association Conference, and then again for Opus and Olives, the premiere author event of the state.  Both were excellent times but happy to say that this week I will be hovering around home base.  YAY!!!



Tonight… The Bookies Book Club will be discussing for our annual October Classic read, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.  The chilling true story of a murdered family and why.  This should make for an interesting discussion as true crime does not usually fall into our groups genre’s to read.  I am deciding on my appetizer to bring and think I am going with cucumber sandwiches.  Love hanging out with this group so looking forward to the bookish discussion and good food!


One more quick note, I finally made it to Gone Girl last night.  My thoughts on the movie will be up later today.

4 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Prelude To A Murder

  1. I loved Gone Girl…and parts of In Cold Blood. There was just something distancing about the author’s style. I concluded (in my review) that the book, at best, was merely informative.

    I liked the movie, Capote, better.

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