This Is Where I Leave You….Book VS. Movie


By now you have probably heard the hype…Jonathan Tropper’s book This Is Where I Leave You was made into a movie!

I love it when books are made into movies!  I love to see the director’s vision of the story compared to mine… honestly, I think in recent years the movies made from books are pretty good.  So lets begin with looking at my thoughts on this book… and then the movie.


Recently I read and reviewed This Is Where I Leave You.  When I heard the movie was coming out, I knew I had to read the book first.  (1 point for movie, as that is why I read the book).  I really enjoyed the book.  It was witty and laugh out loud funny at times.  The opening scene of Judd finding his wife on her birthday…. seriously, horribly funny… I could not wait to see that scene in the movie, I knew it was just going to be fantastic!

Book received 5 shiny points for being a page turning-laugh out loud-tell your friends about it-kind of read.  That’s right, a page turning-laugh out loud-tell your friends about it-kind of read.  I loved it, I gushed about it, I passed it to a friend and she gushed too.

Then, me and my gushing invited girls from my book club to go and see the movie… and…


The movie starring the funny Jason Bateman as Judd, and also funny Tina Fey as Wendy his sister AND Jane Fonda as the mom looked to be a great line up.  I had my popcorn and I was ready to laugh and laugh…

and I really didn’t laugh too much at all.

That opening scene I could not wait for, was there and it wasn’t.  The funniest part of that whole scene was not in the movie.  Then, the movie felt forced.  I found myself thinking how the acting did not seem natural, it felt like they were acting – which I know, I know, they are… but usually you can fall right into the movie and feel like it happened.  This one – not so much.  (I take away 1 shiny point from the movie for not keeping to the opening scene).

Overall, the movie was ok, but not great.  The book club gals that were with me all agreed.  The movie fell flat.  I may have been a bit critical because I had just finished reading the book, but I think it is more than that.  Watching it kind of felt like this:


and afterwards I felt like this:


The winner of this battle is….

The Book.

Read the book.  If you want to see the movie, wait until you can pick it up at Redbox.  You will thank me for saving you the box office price, the annoying person talking on their phone in the row behind you and the popcorn kernel that will no doubt get stuck to the roof of your mouth and distract you from really paying attention anyway.


Have you read the book?  Have you seen the movie?  What are your thoughts?

30 thoughts on “This Is Where I Leave You….Book VS. Movie

  1. Boo! I was thinking about making my husband see it with me in the theater. But I also really loved the book, so maybe I’ll wait now. I thought it would be perfection with that cast!

  2. I read and loved the book…and I loved the movie, too. I think leaving in the book’s opening scene would have been hard to pull off…and would have been kind of gross.

    I loved the actors so much that I settled into the movie scenes readily. I saw the movie twice, and I probably will never read the book again. So that’s how I experienced them.

    I read the book the week before seeing the movie.

    1. Thanks Laurel! I was hoping someone would have different thoughts. And you read it and watched the movie in the same time frame as I did. I didn’t need all of the opening scene… just the cake… not the whole aftermath 😉

  3. I am thinking in a situation like this I might like to see the movie first. That way, I might enjoy the movie more, and know that the *better* book will be following. I usually am all about reading the book first, but in many cases, I think that takes away from my appreciation of the movie–The Fault in Our Stars being a prime example.

  4. I gave up on watching this book after a couple of bloggers didn’t like it. I do want to read this book though – it does have a lot of good reviews.

  5. I am excited to read this book but I think I will wait to watch the movie till I can check it out from the library. It is too bad when a movie fails to live up to a book. I’ve heard mixed things about this movie.

  6. I loved the book…though I thought it was more than just a funny book. It was also thoughtful and serious in many ways. It sounds like the movie director decided to focus more on that side of it (I haven’t seen the movie yet). And are you serious, no birthday cake scene at the beginning?? I agree – that’s just not right! Hilarious stuff!

    Thanks for the movie review. I do still want to see it but will wait for the DVD – we never have time to get to the theater anyway.


    Book By Book

  7. I haven’t read the book but I did see the movie and laughed quite a bit (put smoking scence and aftermath had be laughing the hardest). I rated it a B- on my blog. It did feel flat and I love the cast.

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