Morning Meandering… Popping In Update


Good morning.  Just a quick check in.

I am helping my friend Amanda this week prep for the Big Annual Craft Fair this weekend where she will be selling her honey.  We are labeling bottles and prepping gift baskets.  My reading had slowed to a pathetic crawl… I get home and cook and I am too tired to pick up a book after dinner and chatting with my hubby I am about shot and I go to bed.  🙂

Audio once again saves me in the car and while I cook.  I am still listening to The Good Girl and am really curious how this one will end and what my ending feelings will be on it.

This morning I am finishing up some thank you’s for Wine and Words and hitting the mail box on my way through town.  Multi tasking will get me through the week and weekend and next week (at least from a distance) looks a bit slower and to my liking 🙂


10 thoughts on “Morning Meandering… Popping In Update

  1. I miss our visits!! I keep trying to rearrange my Mondays so I can visit all the blogs and things just keep happening. Hopefully things will come together soon. I find myself visiting on Saturdays and getting caught up in all the posts that time gets away from me. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you!!

  2. I hope you get some sleep soon and are able to recover from it all. You live such a full on life, but you never know this exhausted break from reading (which we all go through at some point or another) could start up a new fire/desire to read a lot more. Enjoy the Good Girl.

  3. Hey, Sheila 😀 I’m trying to catch up a bit on the last 2 weeks (as you know, I’ve been busy prepping and launching my blogs and still trying to get a handle on it), so I don’t know if you got a bit of a slow-down kind of break. I hope so! When you mentioned jarring and labeling the honey, the image in “Baby Boom” with Diane Keaton and her gourmet baby food popped in my head! 😀

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