Morning Meanderings.. Scary Stuff

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My life.

NEVER dull.

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen my post yesterday afternoon.


Emotionally wiped out. It looks like our oldest dog Bailey had a stroke this afternoon. He had no balance and his eyes kept going back and forth rapidly. He is 16 years old. He is resting now and drinking and eating a little. All errands I had to run have been put on hold. Staying home and watching him. ‪#‎neverreadyforthis‬


I was working at the kitchen table on the Wine and Words website when Bailey stumbled by my chair yesterday.  His eyes were twitching left and right rapidly and it was like his legs were not working.  His neck stretched up and sideways awkwardly and when I reached for him he jumped.  I thought he had gone blind as he appeared to not be able to see me and he stumbled as though he could not find his balance.

I quickly called Al who was down in the shop behind our home.  Tearfully I told him he had to come to the house there was something wrong with Bailey.  We both watched Bailey for about an hour.  I had called our vet who said the symptoms sounded like a stroke, we could bring him in but there was not much they could do for him at his age and they were swamped with a surgery on another dog so he would have to wait in the waiting room.

Bailey seemed calm and we put him up on the couch where he went to sleep and I decided all the errands on my check list could wait until today so instead I stayed home with him.  He ate the little bit of food I gave him and slept a lot – which he does anyways… he is a 16-year-old shih-tzu after all.  As he slept I carried on with tasks around the house and even went outside and painted the chalkboard paint on the doors for Wine and Words on Friday.

When Al came in the house in the evening Bailey was acting as though nothing had happened. Walking around, wagging his tail, and no eye twitch.  I am shocked really, the way he had looked I figured there was no coming back from that and the tough decisions had to be made.


Bailey, Book Journey, SHeila DeChantal
This is Al with Bailey (right) after we picked him up. He was Al’s fathers day gift the year that Al broke his ankle working at UPS.


Bailey, Sam, Book JOurney, Sheila DeChantal
Bailey and Sam a couple of summers ago. They love to climb on things (especially Sam!)


Bailey, Book Journey, Sheila DeChantal
Bailey this morning. Still in bed and that is normal. He looks good. He had a good nights sleep and today is a new day.


The books.  Here is what came into my home this week:


Early Decision by Lacy Crawford

The Ship Of Brides by Jojo Moyes

No Longer and Not Yet by Joanna Clapps Herman  (a win!)

The Witch’s Boy by Kelly Barnhill

On Such a Full Sea by Chang-Rae-Lee


There are the books.  I may read a bit this afternoon after I run the errands I meant to do yesterday.  I need to plan my outfit for Wine and Words and make sure I am ready to go as this week will be full steam ahead all the way to the event, and then next Saturday I am going to the cabin with our youngest son Justin for our annual summer hang out time.  It will be a crazy full week but a good one.

What are you doing with your Sunday?


42 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings.. Scary Stuff

    1. For now he is Laurel. There is no sign of anything happening – if I hadn’t seen it myself I would have never known. I am hearing that this is just the beginning though… ugh. I love dogs so much but this is the part that wrecks me.

  1. Oh, Sheila 😦 How awful, though the outcome—for now—is good, at least 🙂 I hope Bailey is with you for a while longer, and in a happy and healthy way. Though it does seem it could be a sign of things to come 😦 Aging can be an awful experience, animal and human alike. Glad things are good today!

    1. I know its only a matter of time – honestly we are surprised he made it this long. When we put down Elmo three years ago ( so awful!) Bailey was our only other dog and all he did was sleep all the time. Then within a year time frame we brought in two abused dogs – Sammy and Mater and Bailey came back to life 🙂

      1. Oooooh, he was in mourning and needed new pals to get past it. I’m guessing that may be typical? What a sweet dog! (Love the name Mater. My d-i-law’s favorite “Cars” character. Mine, too! 😀 )

  2. I’m sorry you’re having to go through that with Bailey. Milou had several episodes like that before the end and they are so scary. Give him lots and lots of love.

  3. pets are just so wonderful..and it so hard when the end is coming…..just curious..did your other dogs act strangely around him when this was happening? animals are supposed to be intuitive to that

    nice book haul btw…

    1. Our lapso apso sat right next to him on the couch – not bothering him, but almost like protecting him. If I wasn’t so upset I would have taken a picture, he laid right next to Bailey like “I got this”

  4. Poor Bailey 😦 I hope he continues to improve and I hope your Sunday is relaxing. I’m so sorry you had to go through that yesterday!

  5. I saw your post about Bailey and hope he continues to do well today. Gosh I love our furry annoying dog.
    My day has been good, I had lunch exercised my knee with no problem and took a shower. Nothing feels better. Hoping to focus on some reading.

    1. It is heartbreaking. I can see why some people after experiencing it once say never again. When we put our dog down three years ago I felt I could never have dogs again… too painful. Then two more came into our lives – Sammy and Mater and there unconditional love is hard to pass up 🙂 I have to believe the good times and the quality of life they have with us has to make up for the inevitable pain.

  6. Oh my gosh! What a frightening experience! Could it have been a seizure? My mom’s little shih tzu has seizures that sound a bit like what Bailey went through, including the way he acted afterwards 😦 I hope he is feeling better!

  7. I was just going to say something when I see someone else brought it up. Sounds like a seizure. I had a dog in the past that had seizure disorder of unknown origin. I have, and have had, Shih Tzus, but it wasn’t them, it was a mutt. The period before a seizure is called the aura and it can be shown by quiet behavior, drooling, acting like vision is impaired, nervous, whimpering, etc.
    Then the seizure, which can last up to sometimes 10 minutes. If the dog cannot break out of the seizure on its own, contact the emergency vet. Small amounts of brain damage can be caused by prolonged seizuring. My dog took medicine for it, but then had to have his liver function tested 2x a year to check for damage from the meds. After a seizure he would usually vomit or urinate and then gradually come back to “normal”. Good luck with Bailey, and sorry for the long answer. We lived with it for about 6 years before our dog died so I know a bit about it.

  8. Oh how scary and upsetting, I’m glad Bailey is doing better now. Hope it was a ‘one-off’ scare. I’m sure he’s getting lots of lovin. Hugs

  9. 1. I’m totally excited for Ship of Brides!
    2. Your dogs are completely adorable. I’m so sorry you had to experience that. Pets worm their way into our hearts and it is SO hard to say goodbye 😦

  10. A stroke or a seizure? It could be either one but the vet is probably right, there’s not much that can be done as long as Bailey seems comfortable for the time being. At 16, these things can happen I guess. I’m sure it was VERY scary to witness. I hope Bailey takes it easy and remains symptom free.

  11. I am so glad that Bailey is alright! These darling dogs need to have a much longer life span. Sending you hugs and thoughts! Hope nothing like this happens again!

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