Morning Meanderings…. You Would Think Life Would SLow Down….

Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey




Where did I ever get the idea that life would slow down once I decided to work from home?  What a total nut bar am I!  Here I am this morning breaking my own rules of calling people before 8 am because I need to.

The Library sale is this week and my crew that was lined up to pull books this Saturday is now unavailable to do so. I just found this out late yesterday afternoon.  I have been emailing and making phone calls to come up with the plan “B” which I think is solved but just need confirmation. EGADS.

I have today and through the weekend to really work on the touches on my book if I am going to be able to be ready to submit by August 13th.  The jury is still out on that one…but I am trying and plan to do my best to lock myself in the house the next few days to get er’ done.

Monday we put together the Wine and Words baskets here in my home and I have a meeting to plan the room layout.

Tuesday and Wednesday is book sale set up and Thursday Friday Saturday is the book sale.

The following week is Wine and Words – I need to prep the chalkboard doors.  I have signs to make.  There is much yet to do but the sponsors are in place, the brochure will be ready and the teams are all set for the event so event day will be smooth.


ONCE August is over, I think things will return to a simmer of normalcy and if I have anything to say about it… maybe even a little quieter than normal.  It just seems that everything was suddenly loaded in to August.

Sigh.  Bear with me.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I am sure of it.  🙂


Tell me something crazy going on in your life.. it will make me smile.  CRAZY loves company.


21 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. You Would Think Life Would SLow Down….

  1. Every year I erroneously think that life will slow down a little because I know how to do things more efficiently or something (I don’t know, the logic never held). I am now in my third year of graduate school and I’m pretty certain I will never know relaxation again. That may be a little dramatic, but I’m pretty sure my summer has been busier than my semester ever dreamed of being.

    I’ve been to three conferences, multiple work-related trips, got a lot of research done, and had my wisdom teeth out. I’m currently supposed to be writing a 15-20 page paper about teaching/learning in large lecture classes (I have 6 pages so far) and preparing to teach this fall (I haven’t even finished my syllabus). I’m pretty sure it will all work out somehow, but it would probably help if I wasn’t also trying to keep up with my blog and sleep occasionally.

    Everyone keeps telling me I need to learn to say “No,” but they don’t understand that I have actually asked for the majority of work that has me swamped right now. Only the research part wasn’t my own doing – I would have put that off a bit longer.

    Hope that makes you feel a bit less crazy.

    1. I get the no speech too… its hard when you want to help people and you want to be available but lately people have been assuring me it is ok to think of yourself and take care of yourself and I am trying hard to remember that. 🙂

  2. I’m doing a triathlon in September with my coworkers. I thought it would be really fun but it’s turned super competitive between us. I’m doing two-a-day practices and I start grad school in two weeks! What’s a girl to do?

  3. Sometimes I work best when my back is to the wall and there is no wiggle room for procrastination. I know, that is not the most pleasant work conditions, but there you have it. Good luck with the book– I for one will buy and review it when it is finally released 🙂

  4. Well, at the moment, not “crazy” (which is a nice break! lol), but I’m pretty much always pressured by something. Most recently was a book submission which took me longer than I’d expected, so this past week was pushing and decided to forego sleep Thursday night so I could submit it by Friday to get there by Mon. So, that’s my most recent little tidbit! And slow down? Busy people don’t slow down! It doesn’t matter WHERE you’re working—you’re still working! lol

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