Morning Meanderings… AUGUST???? Austen!

Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey

Friday!   And…. August.  WHA????  Where is the summer going?  I guess my first clue should have been that our County Fair opened this week.  I am not a county fair fan ever since the boys were old enough to go on their own with their friends I bowed out of that hot sticky mess.  😉   However, my cousin has a daughter who performs on a horse there, and several friends win awards for their breads, and jams, and vegetables and fruits…. in that sense, it is very Gilmore Girls.

Back to August.

August is actually a FULL month.  This afternoon I leave for Wisconsin with my friend for the Mud Run for MS in the morning.  And then I come back, clean up tomorrow afternoon and go directly to Crosslake where the first day of the Camp Benedict Bike ride will be taking place.  I am on the board for Camp and will be late due to this ride being the same weekend as the mud run.  I will stay overnight and help cheer the riders in for day two on Sunday – unsure if I am going to be support team or ride day two…

Then after this weekend August explodes into the church annual picnic baptism, the Fall Book Sale for the Library, a possible Zombie run (oh how I want to but it is soooo far away!), Wine and Words, a cabin weekend with my son, and then our Annual cabin trip with friends for Labor Day weekend.


is August.


It’s good… it’s full…. and drips into September but I will hold off on those details. 🙂



I imagine my reading will possibly be light this month due to the schedule, however I hope to participate in the Austen In August event.  Jane Austen is one of those authors I want to spend time with.  I think I am supposed to, like we are somehow kindred spirits.  Her birth date December 16th, is the birth of my oldest son/first child.  The date of her death, July 18th, is my Anniversary.  Mmmmm hmmmmm…. I need to read Jane. 🙂  I am thinking perhaps Emma.  I think I have that one on my Classic shelf.

Have you read Austen?  What have you read?  What did you think?





20 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… AUGUST???? Austen!

  1. I’m so glad you’re participating in Austen in August! What a coincidence with those dates! My birth date is her death date, so I understand it. Thanks again for joining! Best of luck with your mud run as well. 🙂

  2. It’s hard to believe it’s August already. Our weather sure doesn’t feel like August – our HIGH today is supposed to be 73 degrees. It’s been a very strange summer.

  3. August sounds like a very busy month for you! For me, it’s a “meh” month. I like the idea of back to school but I do not like the shopping and all the stuff that goes with it. We have back to school night right when we start which is like throwing me into a bucket of ice water. I need to EASE into the year. You know?

    But, the flip side is that August somehow makes me think of fall and all the goodness that comes along with it so that part is nice. I love fall.

  4. I usually read a book before its movie version. But for some, reason, I saw Keira Knightley’s “Pride and Prejudice” first. I fell in love with it. Then I read the actual book. Oh boy was it a struggle. The conversations between characters are like mazes. It drove me nuts and had me yawning. I then listened to a free, audiobook and it was very nice.

  5. That Gilmore Girls-esque! I hope your family is enjoying themselves though! Your August is definitely full, I hope your September is a bit quieter so you can relax! I also joined in on the Austen challenge, she is one of my favourite authors! Hop by my #AusteninAugust Masterpost if you have the time 🙂 Hope you have a nice weekend!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  6. I’ve read everything written by Jane Austen…and most of them multiple times. Yes, I’m a JA geek from head to toe. She is now one of my go to comfort reads. She also gets better with each reread.
    Some of the movie and TV series are wonderful, some are ‘meh’, but they can help you get into the dialogue and setting if you’re struggling with that.
    I never liked the book Emma, until the Gwenyth Paltrow’s movie helped me to like her more.

    If you’re too pushed for time, Northanger Abbey is a quick, fun read. There’s also a wonderful old BBC movie starring Peter Firth that interprets the book beautifully.

    Good luck 🙂

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