Morning Meanderings… SQQQQUUEEEE Package In The Mail!


Mmmmmmmm coffee.

It was a long stormy night here.  By the time I went to bed the wind was picking up and a lot of thunder and lightning. With temps in the 90’s and the high humidity as well it had been said that we could get winds up to 70 miles per hour in this storm which yes… is a bit concerning.  I sat up in bed and watched out the window for a while worried about my trees, deck furniture, the wild rabbits….

alas, sleep won over.

This morning, things look good.

There are a few branches around but all is well.  I walked out and checked my crazy apple tree too; the one I have propped up with stakes to help its heavy branches and it is fine.



In other news…. don’t you love receiving packages in the mail?  I love it!  Books thrill me…. every time.  It never gets old!  And the occasional package shipped from a friend or a fellow book lover is another level of exciting!  These are a little more personal because they are planning something just for the receiver.

I had signed up for The Book Monsters Christmas In July for just this reason.  I was given my swap partner which was Tula at Primary School Library Diva, we exchanged a wish list and a little bit about ourselves.  SO FUN! 

My package arrived yesterday…


Fun right?  YAY!!!  The Rowell book is one from my wish list!  SUPER exciting stuff!  A fun magazine, Skittles, and a cute little card.  Thank you Tula!  LOVE it!!!  I hope you love yours too 🙂


Finally this morning, I hope you seen my post I put up yesterday afternoon about the Page Girls Birthday Week and Giveaway.  It is pretty sweet and a fun site to check out.  (And to be clear the pic is of my blowing a party horn…. lol… there has been some confusion about what is in my mouth or in front of my face. )  😀

Have a super Tuesday!

19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… SQQQQUUEEEE Package In The Mail!

  1. We are proud of our local Nebraksa author! Just finished Landline. It’s a wonderful read! Read Rainbow’s first novel Attachments if you haven’t already!

  2. Getting anything in the mail or UPS is always delightful! I love when a publisher just overnights me a book…and I find it leaning against the front door! Love it!

  3. Well, Merry July-Christmas! I have all of Rainbow Rowell’s books on my wishlist; am looking forward to reading Eleanor and Park soon hopefully.

  4. I’m so glad you received the package. It has been fun getting to know you and I love your blog. I wasn’t aware of Landline and when I saw it was written by Rainbow Rowell, I knew that was going to be the one I picked up for you. I can’t wait for your review. Enjoy!

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