Morning Meanderings… Over Due Winners


Good morning...

Ok honestly… I did start this in the morning.  And then I went in search of coffee… which now that I think about is probably why I could not stay focused on this post.

I have a little catching up to do.  I have some recent giveaways that need winners and I am late at taking care of this.  I have had a bumpy few weeks here in my life and still trying to get used to my new normal… more on that another time.


Ok… let’s do this.  Recently there has been some GUSHING here about Heather Gudenkauf’s new book, Little Mercies.  I wrote a post about great summer reading and went on about this title.  I also offered up a fun summer giveaway for a Little Mercies Bundle (*SQUUUEEEEE!*) The bundle includes: Little Mercies, The Weight Of Silence, and These Things Hidden.





Sweet package right?  The winner for this package is:

Roseanne Erickson


Woot!  Give it up for Roseanne!!!


AND going farther back, I had an audio book giveaway too for June.  This one took a bit more work because it was the gathering of a MONTHS worth of audio book comments.  I old schooled this one and did what a blogger one told she did for giveaways (take each of the comment names and put them on a sheet for all the comments they had, cut them apart and then draw out of a bowl.  Thank you JK from JK’s Book Blog for that one 😉


This winner receives a $25 gift card emailed to them at one of the following stores:




and that winner is….

Anita from Anita Loves Books!!!


I will email Anita now and once she chooses her gift card is on its way to her 😀


Today, which is slowly eeking away from me…. is my 27th Anniversary.  EEP.  My husband had to say it was our 27th… I had to do the math.  Don’t tell him but I did not realize it had been that long.  😉  He is working today trying to stay on top of all the demands of his job as an excavator so tonight we thought we may just go out some place for a little bit.  There is a new restaurant called The Woods that I would not mind giving a try.  😀

16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Over Due Winners

  1. Happy Anniversary Sheila, to you and your hubbie! I think dinner out sounds wonderful.
    Congratulations to the two winners, Roseanne and Anita. Enjoy your prizes!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary. I also have a 27th coming up in December, so I will do the math really quick and say 1987 🙂 Also nice job to the readers who won, and enjoy them!

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