Morning Meanderings… Book Sale and Mediander


Good morning!  Friday!  WOW!  Its hard t think that a week ago was the 4th and here we are rushing through July!

Yesterday I helped with the first ever Children’s Book Sale at the Brainerd Public Library.  Our regular sale is becoming so big and the children’s books take up a whole back wall and up the wall and under the tables.  The books are so many that we can not display them properly – instead they are crammed into full boxes and people have to dig.

I spent yesterday morning assisting in setting up the sale, we have a couple of hour break in the afternoon and then back at 3:30 to prep to open the sale at 4:00.

It went well:


It pretty much looked like this and fuller from 4 – 7 pm.  Today we will do it again from 9-3.  It is not as crazy busy and exciting as the LARGE sale, but we are receiving lots of positive compliments on doing it this way.  Parents love that they can look through the books without being trampled and we sell them for 25 cents each so how can you pass that up?


In another discussion entirely, have you heard of Mediander?  It is a super cool website that you type words or topics in to and it will connect you to all sorts of info and media.  It’s pretty slick.  They had a big presence at the recent Book Expo in New York and I was on a panel with the Senior Editor.  We chatted and I was offered to write a review (hopefully more) for them.

I wrote a review on The Three by Sarah Lotz…. so goooooood!  Please check out my review on their site.


Got to run… must get ready for the children’s sale, have a grad party later this afternoon and a fun work event after that 😀

Happy Friday!












14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Book Sale and Mediander

  1. Booksale looks great Love the wide aisles. And thank you for the link to meadiander, it looks useful will follow on Twitter and see how it goes.

  2. I stalled with The Three. I am at 70% on my Kindle. I put it down to finish Goldfinch but haven’t picked it up again. I plan to finish but I expected a little more from it, I think.

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