Morning Meanderings… Looking Forward to a BOOKISH Week


Good morning Happy Sunday of the 4th of July Weekend!  Yesterday was a gorgeous day here in Central Minnesota… light breeze, lots of warm sun and I spent most of the day inside working on the year-end book for book club this week, and house stuff thinking that today I would go out and mow and catch the outdoor stuff.  Alas, since 3:00 am it has been thunder storming making it probably an indoor day.  *sigh* I should have reversed the projects.  😉


In bookish news, here is what came in the house this week:


Alex the Ant Goes to the Beach by Eric Wayne Dickey

Invisible by James Patterson and Dave Ellis (audiobook)

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith (audiobook)

Shunning Sarah by Julie Kramer (picked up at the Brown Bag author event)

Defector by Susanne Winnacker

The Meta Rise by J.V. Kade

The End Of Absence by Michael Harris

Delivering Death by Julie Kramer (picked up at the Brown Bag author event)

CALIFORNIA by Eden Lepucki

Lots of goodies!



This week I have a crazy book week.

Monday – Friends Meeting in the morning, Brown Bag Author at noon

Tuesday – Bookies Book Club annual Queen event

Thursday – set up and start of Children’s Book Sale

Friday – 2nd day of Children’s Book Sale

Around that I work, will be helping out with the bees, and possibly going to the cabin this next weekend.

Ahhh Summer.


What do you have going on this week?  Any bookish events? 


29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Looking Forward to a BOOKISH Week

    1. It is hard to choose they all call to me for different reasons…. well, they almost all call to me. There is one in the pile that I did not request it just came. Can you guess which one is not me at all? 😛

  1. Books are SUCH an addiction! lol I KNOW I’ll never read them all, but STILL have a hard time resisting WANTing them! Thank you for making me aware of Alex the Ant Goes to the Beach ’cause kidlit is my thing and I hadn’t heard of it 😀

  2. That is an interesting mix of books! I was just reading about California in the NYT Book Review section this morning. Your week sounds lively! I am working hard to make mine tame!

  3. The book call Alex the ant goes to the Beach sound great !!! I think a lot of kids will like this book..:)

  4. My club was supposed to be right before the 4th for our regular meeting but it was a holiday week and we all needed a little more time with The Goldfinch so we are meeting up at a member’s house for some snacks and coffee! I hope I can finish the book before then. I have been so distracted by the other books I am reading to really put a good dent in it.

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