Happy 4th of July! Population: 38 (EEP!)


Good morning!  Happy 4th of July to all of us who like to celebrate this day with sitting in the sun, parades, good food, good friends, hanging on the lake – whatever you do 🙂

Today we will be heading out on the motorcycle on our way to Hillman Minnesota.  According to our friends, they put on an awesome parade. I just went on-line to see if I could find a picture of Hillman and seen this:

Book Journey, Hillman Minnesota

Oh my gosh… that’s HILARIOUS!  According to the 2010 census, 15 households and 12 families the city has a total of 0.55 miles.

Well… what a parade this will be!  Guess I will be home within the hour… lol

Ok, just kidding, apparently neighboring towns make this the place to be… I will be in contact if this is true 🙂

Anyhoo – enjoy your day however you do the 4th!  😀  In fact, if you will, share with me what you do on the 4th… you know… I may need a new plan in the future.  😉




10 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July! Population: 38 (EEP!)

  1. Hey, Sheila! I hope you have a VERY enjoyable day! I hear “motorcycle” and instinctually worry a bit! So be safe 🙂

    For years I’ve face painted at a neighboring Town Fair (it’s a biggie and always great), but it’s been postponed ’til tomorrow due to all this torrential rain. Happy 4th!

  2. Hi Sheila! I am in Dublin, Ireland with my hubby and it is his birthday today too! Our daughter and I are going to see Riverdance 20th Anniversary show tonight in Dublin without hubby. He is staying in the apartment watching the Germany soccer game. Enjoy your 4th!

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