Morning Meanderings… Books and DEADLINES! EEP!


Sunday!  Remember that coffee drinking chick above?  Well, she is back!  BEA is over and the books are put away, the office move is complete, and Friday afternoon I returned from camp. It has been a full 4 weeks of MAJOR ACTIVITY, and now it will be nice to settle into more of a normal routine.


Here are the books that made their way to my door this past week:

Book Journey, Sheila DeChantal

Delancey by Molly Wizenberg (A foody book!!!  I am so excited!)


Dreamboy by Madelyn Rosenberg (I LOVE the look of this one!)


The Girl From The Well by Rin Chupeco (creepy title… why is she in the well?  I will find out!)


Evergreen by Rebecca Rasmussen (author of the Bird Sisters!)


Run Less Run Faster (always a goal to move forward on this fascination I have with running)


James Madison by Lynne Cheney (did you know Dick Cheney’s wife writes books?)



Deadlines.  I have always been a bit of a procrastinator at heart.  I always think things will take less time then they actually do.  In my defense (look how defensive I am!  😀 ), many times I am right.  I do not plan things out for months in advance and because of that here is where I am today.  Literally TODAY.

My deadline for my bee article for Her Voice magazine is today.  I have all my notes, I just need to write my 1200 word piece this afternoon.  I meant to do this last weekend before camp… it never happened.  Instead, as a true procrastinator would… I was working on camp paperwork and print out for camp in the last 48 hours prior to camp.  😳


Also… my deadline to put in for the Grant award from the Minnesota Library Association for best Friends of the Library project in 2013 is… you guessed it…. TODAY.  This is where the EEP comes in.  I am submitting Wine and Words as our “Yea we kicked book butt!”  project. 🙂


Ok that is all.  Right now I am procrastinating on getting ready for church.  Gotta go… celebrating Fathers Day with our older son coming over for lunch today, and sadly this evening we have a wake to attend for a young man who worked for our company occasionally who was killed on a motorcycle this past week.


What is your Sunday looking like? 

15 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Books and DEADLINES! EEP!

  1. It’s late Sunday night here. Lazy day – went to pick up 50 mandarin plants. A new variety has come out and my husband as usual wants to experiment. It was a nice drive.. Now ready for Monday.

  2. Loved Molly Wizenberg’s first memoir. Can’t wait to read Delancey! So sorry about the loss of the young man on the motorcycle. That’s going to be a tough service:(

  3. Ah, I think a touch of procrastinator lives in us all, but when I have deadlines, because I have had absolutely way too much last-minute pressure in my life and absolutely HATE it, I jump on projects A.S.A.P. when they’re big or important. But I have a feeling you’ll get through. You’re quite the whirlwind!

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

    And, btw, I hate motorcycles. So sorry 😦

    1. Oh I will get it done 🙂 NO worries there 😀 We have a motorcycle, I enjoy going with my husband because it is one of the few things he does to relax (the man works non stop on our business). I dont mind them – but I do respect them and ALWAYS wear my helmet.

      1. My brother had a Harley years ago. I had painted his tank. I wish he’d send me pics of the artwork ’cause I can’t find them anywhere. Motorcycles make me nervous with no protection other than a helmet, and I hate the loudness when revving by traffic lights or for no good reason, especially at inconsiderate hours. I’m glad you’re careful!

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