FACE OFF – Authors face off their protagonists against each other! Edited by David Baldacci


Ever wonder what your favorite thriller authors are doing between books?  They are imaging how their protagonists would stand up to the likes of other thriller writer protagonists… 😉  ~Sheila


Imagine if the protagonists from your favorite thriller writers teamed up to work together (or not).  What level could you take a storyline?

What if Dennis Lehane’s Patrick Kenvie ran into Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch while apparently on a stake out for the same man?

Or John Sanford’s Lucas Davenport finds himself in the vicinity of Jeffrey Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme?

Or Lee Child’s Jack Reacher is hanging out with Joseph Finder’s Nick Heller?

And add-on a total of 22 characters facing off in 11 short stories, collaborated by the two authors to make each short story.  And, (I think this is fun) each story starts out with a page or two blurb of how the authors worked together to create a short yet engaging thriller story in about 20 pages or less.



I have to say, I loved the idea of this book, and then actually reading it made me love it more.  This is one of those remarkable ideas of bringing authors together with their protagonists for a big party!  Always the fan of Dennis Lehane I rad his story that was created with Michael Connelly first and loved the quick paced thriller with a humorous edge to it.


Bosch looked over Patrick. “You like baseball Patrick?”

“Big time.  Why?”

“You’re the first guy I have seen in this town not wearing a sox hat.”

Patrick pulled off his hat and considered the front of it as he ran a hand through his hair.  “Imagine that.  I didn’t even look when I left the house.”

“Is that a rule or something around here?  You’ve all got to represent Red Sox Nation or something?”

“It’s not a rule per se, more like a guideline.”


Fans of thrillers this book is a must.

Each author has donated his or her story and all of the proceeds from the book go to fund ITW (International Thriller Writers), which charges no dues to its members.

16 thoughts on “FACE OFF – Authors face off their protagonists against each other! Edited by David Baldacci

  1. When I saw this book I thought it was a great idea. The only problem for me was the authors I have read were facing off with authors I hadn’t read! Do I need to know character background to enjoy it or do they stand alone ok?

    1. I dont think so. I did not know all the characters and the stories were still enjoyable although I am sure that if you know the character and how they operate it would add a certain level of fun to the book. 🙂

  2. This is a really neat idea. I often think about the results of certain literary characters from different books meeting and interacting with one another. I am glad that some authors do too.

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