Morning Meanderings…. Check Out What Is Happening Here!



Good morning! SO much going on here I am just going to get to it.

After I get my COFFEE.

*pads over to coffee pot.  Returns*

Yea!  I hope you have coffee too!  Let’s have a cup together!


Did you know….

This is audio book month?  Oh yeah…. get ready for it Laurel 😉  I have some fun things coming up AND some great giveaways, stay tuned!  (lol… get it.. tuned… because you are listening…. 😉 )

ALSO – June 9th is my 5 year Blogiversary!  I know right?  And if you have been here in the past years... you know I LOVE to make a big fat hairy deal out of it with giveaways and more…. as long as my BEA boxes are here by Saturday, I plan to set up the big celebration probably then.  Watch for it… it will be EPIC and worth your read. 😀

AND a shout out to my dear friend Belinda who has a birthday today!  Yippy!!!!  Can not wait to hang out with you!  Cabin weekend plans need to be made!

And probably the big scary awesome news is that last night I went to .net.  Yes, yes…. 5 years it takes me but I am not addressed here at  SOOOOOO much easier to type!  LOL


If you did not get a chance to see my super cool new office on Facebook, here is a quick pic of it:


SQQQQUUUEEEEEE!!  This is where I will be working today.  SWEET!

Yes I will still be writing BEA posts, probably tomorrow.  Later today I have an author event coming up that I was at yesterday that I could not pass up writing about right away… but the posts are coming and they will be fun – pics, events, the expo, highlights, author pics, books… and more 😀

Have a super awesome Tuesday! Sunny in Minnesota today – what’s happening with your day?

19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Check Out What Is Happening Here!

  1. Mornin’ friend! Yea, we went from 32 to 90 with humidity….ugg. You sound none the worse for a BEA hangover ;). That twitter party was a hoot, and its true, you ROCK

  2. Just wnted to say Congratulations on all the wonderful things going on with you!! The site looks fantastic and yes, I am looking forward to Audio Book Month as well!! Its very warm, but not unbearable down here in FLA. My flowers (gardenias and magnolias) are in full bloom and they smell fabulous! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Oh, if you hadn’t pointed out the .net, I probably wouldn’t have noticed….and since I don’t have an iPod…and don’t travel by car long enough to “listen,” I don’t see audio books in my future…LOL

  4. Looking forward to it all! We have a Singing School going on at our church right now so not much writing getting done here…5 girls are staying at my house and my daughter is sick…but it sounds like you are having a very productive time of it!

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