Morning Meanderings… Book Expo and Armchair BEA


Good morning!  What a week!  I have been packing up my office which is moving this weekend to a new home that I will not be working in until June 9th.  That kind of blows me away to write that.  I guess, in a way – I am already on vacation… well in a way.  I am still helping with some packing, and on Sunday I will be in that packed up office helping to direct the movers of what is going and what needs to be done…

Its exciting and exhausting and a little scary to step into this new space but I know it will be amazing.

And Tuesday… in the wee hours of the morning I will drive the 3 hours to Minneapolis to catch my plane at 9:30 am heading to New York for the Book Expo.


If you are unfamiliar with the Book Expo, here is a little taste:

BEA (Book Expo America) is authors and publishing houses and bloggers, and bookish things to do, and open houses, and invites to events, and books….

Did I mention the books?

Its a time when I step out of the reality of my life and walk into this world that is fast paced and CRAZY fun.  I will be reporting here on what is happening… and I will be reporting live for Armchair BEA.


Armchair BEA

I have chatted about this before – but I am going to mention it again.  For those who are not attending BEA, the incredible Armchair BEA awaits you.  So .. what is Armchair BEA?

Have you ever been in a simulator?  Like a car that gives you the feeling that you are on a race track?  That is what Armchair BEA is.  It gives you a chance to enjoy some of the BEA experience from the comfort of your homes… no plane, house sitter, or even luggage – required.  Shoot… you can even stay in your pajamas!

Armchair BEA is free, so make sure you register and join the HUNDREDS of other bloggers and authors who will be participating.  There are daily topics, giveaways, but dont listen to me jabber on…. please, go check it out for yourself!

There has been a hard working team behind the scenes that has been chatting and making this an incredible year for Armchair BEA.  Myself, and three others are on the on site team:



(Coordinator) Florinda (The 3’s Blog: Reading, ‘Riting, & Randomness) 
florinda AT 3rsblog DOT com 
Twitter: @Florinda_3rs 

Amber Ostheimer (Shelf Notes)
shelfnotesblog AT gmail DOT com
Twitter:  @shelfnotesblog

Sheila DeChantal (Book Journey)
journeythroughbooks AT gmail DOT com
Twitter:  @bookjourney

Sophia (Loving Lit)
Sophia AT lovinglit DOT com
Twitter:  @sophiareads

Be sure to watch for our tweets, and we will be posting at the Armchair BEA site giving you a feel of what is happening form New York!


Anyway – that’s more than a morning post…. that’ s a LOT of info for this early but I hope if you are not attending BEA you will take a look at Armchair BEA.



17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Book Expo and Armchair BEA

  1. I just LOVE this whole ARMCHAIR BEA thing! SO glad I follow you so I know about it 🙂 I DO hope I get to enjoy it all week long (and really hate that I missed out on attending Sat.*sigh* That’s what I get for not making a decision early on!

    Anyway, I hope and pray everyone arrives safely and has a BLAST all week long! 🙂

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