Morning Meanderings… Expo On My Mind


Good morning.  Or I guess afternoon, or evening.. depending on where you are and when you read this. 🙂

For me… it is blurry eyes, longing for a second cup of coffee morning.

I think…

sometimes I think too much.

It is Tuesday.  A week from today I will board a plane heading for New York to hang out with my roommate Candace (Beth Fish Reads), and see some amazing bookish friends, Alison (Alison’s Book Marks), Kathy (Bermuda Onion) and Julie (Booking Mama) – just to name a few…. there are so many more I am excited to see!  Honestly, seeing these book relationships are half the fun of the expo.


before next Tuesday I will pack up my office and prep it to move this weekend to a new office that I will come back to after the expo. 

Yup.  Life is crazy like that. 😛

SO back to the expo…

Last night I was sorting through invites and lining up and synchronizing my schedule for once I am there.  I am not that person that has it all planned out as to which publishing house I want to be at and what time… no… I kind of wish I was, but I also just like the freedom of wandering around. 

A couple of fun things happening..

I will be helping out with on site Armchair BEA – which means I will be sending in video and posts to the Armchair BEA site to go up for those participating.  I hope to have some fun things happening with that.  🙂  If you are not signed up to participate in Armchair BEA and not attending the New York BEA, I highly recommend you do sign up…. it is going to be fun… and there are prizes. 😀

Armchair BEA

I am speaking on one of the panels at the Blogger Convention on bringing your writing to the next level.  EEP.  That one will be exciting!


So anyhoo….  that’s what is happening here.  I need to pack my office…. and pack my suitcase.


is never dull.



14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Expo On My Mind

  1. Sheila, I REALLY wanted to attend through that $30 reader opp, but by the time I made the decision to do it, it was too late 😦 I’m sure you’ll do a GREAT job and thank you for posting about the Armchair BEA. I can’t tell if it’s free, but will register and see what happens lol

  2. I hope you have an amazing time at BEA! I can’t imagine how many things you have lined up for this week and how crazy it’ll be next week. Hopefully you can find some time to relax a bit as well. Enjoy!

  3. Enjoy BEA and congrats on the panel talk! I JUST finished a writing class, for online writing and blogging. How to improve for blogging overall (not book blogs). Maybe I should coordinate my post with your panel? Let me know if you are interested in me doing this, I’m writing the post today but happy to wait. I should reach out to the Armchair BEA (I have tried to sign up but not successfully, can’t access the file).

    One day I will get to BEA, I can never make the dates work. Looking forward to reading your updates, and watching the videos. Have a great time!

    1. Mari that would be cool if your post connected tot he panel discussion. Try signing up again for Armchair BEA – are you using the link to the right on the website? Let me know if you are still having trouble. 🙂

  4. I can.not.wait!!! I am totally swamped with work and planning — but come Tuesday afternoon when I get on that train, I’m going to be soooooo ready to learn about books and have some fun.

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